Emily Montague has the Best Skincare Routine in Hollywood

Emily Montague is an American actress, although since she’s married to Damon Dayoub her official name is Emily Dayoub. She was born in Livingston, New Jersey on August 30, 1984. She’s made sure to keep her personal life to herself as best as she could, and thus very little information is available on her early years and her first steps into acting.

Emily Montague

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Emily’s achievements in cinema seem limited, but she’s left an impression on whoever had the opportunity to see her perform. In the early days of her acting career she did several commercials for well-known beverage- and food-brands as well. Her performance in the 2004 short Paper or Plastic is what propelled her career to the next level.

Emily’s personal life has been exemplary – no scandals or fuzz. She’s a professional through and through. Some might say despite her perfect image, she still has a decent following on various social media. She has around a thousand followers on Twitter, while on Instagram around 1,500 people keep up with her daily life.

Emily Montague Early Career

Emily’s acting career exploded once she appeared in Paper or Plastic. She was only twenty years old at the time, and this was the moment several Hollywood executives started to take notice. In the next few years she would appear in all kinds of television shows and movies. These days she is an established and reliable actress in Hollywood, who has made sure she got paid for her work.

Emily Gets Married

Emily Montague family

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That does not mean, however, that Emily is all over the tabloids and social media boasting about her life. On the contrary, she keeps a very low profile. Although her love for actor Chris D’Elia didn’t help in that regard. They married in 2006 in front of their closest family and friends. Suddenly she was part of one of those celebrity couples from which every single move would be tracked. Their marriage didn’t last too long, they separated in 2010, which also meant that Emily could return to her relative private lifestyle. They did not have any children, and in later podcast episodes Chris D’Elia stated that his intense emphasis on his standup comedy career was the reason their marriage deteriorated.

Emily Montague Becomes Emily Dayoub

Emily married Damon Dayoub after they dated for almost a year, on May 2nd, 2015. Two years later, on the last day of 2017, they got their first child: Ava James Dayoub. She now even has her own Instagram account where the most adorable pictures of her get posted (or she might do it herself, who knows?!).

Emily Montague with daughter Ava James

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Emily’s Career

Before Emily picked up acting, she worked briefly as a model (I mean, look at her…). Her first proper acting role, after appearing in several commercials, was in the short film Paper or Plastic, a short lovestory in a grocery store. Her most renowned movie role was in Fright Night, a vampire movie where she starred alongside Colin Farrell and David Tennant. She did a lot of stuff on television too, she appeared in Cold Case, South of Nowhere, Mystery Woman: RedemptionDays of Our Lives and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Her most recent role was as Jennifer Danube in The Endless in 2017. It seems there is not much known about any upcoming movie roles, which is often not the best sign…

According to her Instagram page, she is slowly transitioning into a career in skincare. She is currently employed as a Master Esthetician at the Olga Lorencin Skin Care Clinic. So if you need any beauty tips from a celebrity, Emily is the one to ask!

Emily’s Body & Measurements

Emily Montague body

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Emily is around 5 feet and 4 inches tall, or around 160 cm. Her natural hair color is blond and she has blue eyes. She has a slim body figure and her breast, waist and hips measurements are 34-26-35 inches.

Anything Else About Emily?

The one piece of information you read all the way to the bottom for: her favourite color! It’s pink, obviously. The one actor she adores is Dwayne Johnson, who most of the world adores with her. If you want to know more about Emily, make sure to check her Instagram or Twitter profile and get in touch with her yourself.