Top 55 Most Shocking Celebrity Smokers

Taddlr composed a list of the 55 most shocking famous smokers. Sometimes you just know some people smoke, but for others you didn’t have a clue. Those sweet and innocent celebrities who for some reason are difficult to picture with a smoke between their lips. Be prepared, the results could be shocking. You’ll find some very big names and a quite surprising royalty member on top of our list. Explore even more by clicking their names, to see a complete overview of their dating life, possible tattoos and much more.

55. Julia Roberts spotted smoking

Julia Roberts spotted smoking

The Pretty Woman star does like a boost of nicotine every now and then. While she is a mom, she apparently needs the little sticks regularly. I won’t judge, but I have seen better examples being set. Although her kids are now of an age that they are wise enough to decide for themselves what they want in life. If only they could achieve what their mom achieved, while staying away from cigarettes, I will be very proud.

Julia Roberts

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