Ian Alexander Sr. & Regina King’s Marriage Just Wasn’t Meant To Be

You don’t often see or hear Ian Alexander Sr. talked about, without mention of his ex-wife Regina King. Such are the consequences when two celebrities get together. But we think it’s worthwhile to explore the life of Ian as well, who is he and how has life treated him? Image source: factsninja.com Ian Alexander Sr’s


Why Kylie Jenner should try to learn something from Cristiano Ronaldo

For Generation Z kids (but even younger ones), celebrities’ social profiles are a constant source of inspiration, especially when it comes to clothing and lifestyles. Probably the very young frequenters of social media such as Instagram or TikTok will not be able to afford a standard of living similar to that of their darlings, but


Who is Jennifer Shahade?

How you know Jennifer Shahade will be dependent on your interests. She’s a successful author, podcast presenter, content creator, chess Grandmaster, and professional poker