Top 40 Most Shocking celebrity smokers

Taddlr composed a list of the 40 most shocking famous smokers. For some people you just know they are a smoker, but for some – you just don’t see it coming. Those sweet and innocent celebs who for some reason are difficult to picture with a smoke between their lips. And we have included a few celebs who made smoking into a shocking thing. Which popular celebrities made it into our list? And which famous female singer is our number one? View our gallery to learn more, see proof of them having actually lit a cigarette and click on the profile link to learn everything about your favorite celebrity. Besides their smoking habits, you can find information about their love life, tattoos and whatnot.

40. Julia Roberts spotted smoking

Julia Roberts spotted smoking

The Pretty Woman star does like a boost of nicotine every now and then. Julia is one of the ‘Celebrity Moms who smoke’

Julia Roberts

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