Top 35 of World’s Richest Actresses

Welcome to our Top 35 about the richest actresses on our globe. Who is ranked number one in our list, and which amount does she see if she takes a look at her bank account? How did she earn this fortune? View our gallery and see who made it to our Top 35. By clicking on the link at the bottom of the page you will be redirected to the personal Taddlr profile of the actress. By doing this you can learn much more about the celebrity, and see for example what kind of car or gigantic house she spent her money on. And for our male gold-diggers: is she still available? Some of the actresses who made it into our Top 35 will surely surprise you. Enjoy.

#35: Emma Watson – 60.000.000 $

One of the richest actrices in Hollywood in 2015

Number 35 in our list, but that doesn’t mean she is poor. We expect that in several years Emma will be in the Top 5 of our list. At the age of 24 years she already gained 60 million Dollar. Her claim to fame was her role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films. Per Harry Potter film she easily earned 15 million Dollar. Lucky her! (Image source:

More information about Emma Watson

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