Casting the Line: Fishing for Celebrities

There are several different types of fishing, all of which are popular in their own right. You have fly-fishing, bait-fishing, bait-casting, spinning, and trolling. Often people that like fishing will have a favorite method, or two. Then there’s freshwater and saltwater fishing to choose from. However, the outcome will be the same: either they’ll catch a fish or not. With fishing becoming an increasingly popular past-time, you may be surprised that there are quite a few celebrities who enjoy fishing.

Freshwater Fishing Celebrities

Freshwater fishing is fishing that’s done in water that has less than 1.05% saline in it. Water like this is found in rivers or lakes. Many people like to fish in different waters, although freshwater is often a smaller area than saltwater, making it ideal for getting into a small boat and chilling in the middle of a lake or river.

Having only been fishing since 2017, British boxer, Anthony Joshua, enjoys a bit of freshwater fishing and has even caught a carp. He shared his catch on social media for all to see.

Irish actor, Liam Neeson, can be spotted fishing in freshwater lakes and rivers. You may even spot him doing a bit of fishing during the couple of months he takes off to America to enjoy this past-time. 

Saltwater Fishing Celebrities

It’s said that saltwater fishing is fishing that’s done in the sea. How you fish in this type of water doesn’t matter. So as long as you’re fishing in the sea, whether you’re fishing under a pier or on a boat, you’ll be saltwater fishing.

There are quite a few celebrities who enjoy saltwater fishing. Jimmy Buffet, a singer-songwriter, musician, businessman and author, likes to go saltwater fishing in his downtime. He enjoys going to North America, where he’ll cast a line.

American actor Chris Pratt is also known for his fishing prowess in both saltwater and freshwater. He’s even teaching his son, Jack, how to fish, and has posted several pictures and posts on social media about his fishing endeavors.

There’s more to Fishing than Catching Fishes

Of course, fishing features in progTV shows, films, books, and games, so it’s no wonder it’s become so well known. People naturally want to try it out. There are plenty of fishing-themed games as well, such as Big Bass Splash and Fishin Frenzy, which are both popular bingo games with a fish theme. Fish play a key role in these games, perhaps as wilds or other special symbols for players to try and catch. As fishing continues to keep featuring in different areas, more people will be drawn to it, for different reasons. It’s something that’s been done for centuries, one way or another, and this doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

The fishing industry is on the increase and, as we said at the beginning of this article, fishing’s becoming more popular as a hobby than ever before. It requires patience and is much slower-paced than a lot of other hobbies. In a world where we’re often on the go, it brings about a different change of pace. With other interests touching on fishing, like games, it only makes more people aware of fishing as an activity, which can only be a positive thing.