Everything You Need To Know About Eminem

Eminem is an American rapper, record producer and songwriter with a worldwide following. Also known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, he was born in Missouri. Close friends with the likes of Royce Da 5’9 and Dr. Dre, the 49-year-old rapper is widely regarded as being one of the best hip hop artists to have ever graced the genre.


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Eminem’s Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses

As of 2022, Eminem is said to have a net worth of around $230 million. After selling 172 million copies of his music globally, the rapper, who is also known as Marshall Mathers, has a similar amount of cash to his name as the likes of Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. Eminem has also ventured into the film-producing world and has done so with a great deal of success too. As such, it’s not uncommon to see the rapper living the VIP casino life and showcasing the very best designer gear, although he certainly isn’t as flashy as many other rappers in the industry. Overall, given the impact he has made on the genre, Eminem is rap royalty.


Eminem house

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Eminem: Wife, Dating, Family & Friends

At the moment, Eminem is single and doesn’t have any intentions of dating until he finds the right person, at the right time. Known to have trust issues and reservations about committing to someone, the American rapper is clearly in no rush to find love, particularly after past relationships that didn’t pan out too well and went public as a result. For example, Slim Shady had a tough time with high-school sweetheart Kimberly Anne Scott, although they did produce a daughter named Hailie together. The pair also have custody of their niece, while Eminem has adopted Stevie Mathers, formerly known as Whitney.

Apart from Kimberly Anne Scott, Eminem has been rumored to be in a number of relationships over the years, although he is known for being a private person on the whole. Past potential relationships include Kaya Jones, Mariah Carey, Karrine Steffans and Joy McAvoy.

As for friends, Eminem has long-term and loyal music friends who have stuck by him through thick and thin, namely the aforementioned Royce Da 5’9, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and plenty of others. Sadly, though, his best friend of the lot, Proof from D12, was killed in 2006 after being shot at a Detroit club called 3C. Only 32 at the time, his shocking death was said to have had a massive impact on Eminem, with the pair being incredibly close after growing up together.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Tattoos, Skin, Hair & Eye Colour

Eminem is officially 5 feet 8 inches (1.77 m) tall and although his weight undoubtedly fluctuates, he is rumored to weigh around 67kg or 147lbs. With dark brown hair being his main look throughout his hugely successful career, he has always been an instantly recognizable personality, although he has dyed his hair bleach blonde on occasions in the past. In terms of eye color, the Detroit rapper has blue eyes.

Overall, Eminem isn’t a tall character with a loud personality, instead providing a calming presence. As for tattoos, he has a selection of body art. His most prominent pieces include a portrait of his daughter Hailie Jade along with her name tattooed on his arm. He also has the name of his beloved friend Proof inked on his other arm.