Devin Nash is Not Your Typical Gamer

You might know him as Mylixia or as the CEO of N3RDFUSION, but his real name is Devin Nash. He is an American streamer and social media influencer, with enormous audiences on YouTube and Twitch. He’s also a renowned public speaker in the gaming community. But he is a bit of an unknown commodity to the rest of the world, for now.

Devin Nash

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Devin Nash and his rise to fame

Devin Nash was born in Redmond, Washington in the United States on March 26th, 1989. He attended Washington University, but as soon as he graduated he kickstarted his online career. His personality resonated with tons of viewers, and before he knew it his passion became his main source of income. Today Devin is a social media presence with thousands of followers.

He has stated that his true passion is self-empowerment. So even though he worked very hard to build his brand and his following, he values his autonomy most. From a young age, Devin was interested in Esports, and League of Legends in particular. When he saw the opportunity to build a name for himself in the industry that captivated him since he could remember, the choice was very simple. He now mostly works with gaming brands as a consultant to help them grow their audiences, which in turn should expand the gaming community as a whole as well.

Devin is an enthusiastic public speaker as well, which further cements his status as an important pillar in the gaming industry. Some of his public appearances include PAX West, Emerson College, the University of Southern California, TESPA and the University of Utah to name a few. There are two pieces of advice Devin builds his strategy around, and those are to start a newsletter and to be grateful.

Starting a newsletter gives you the opportunity to share things that are personal to you, and it offers your audience a unique form of content they cannot get anywhere else. It also gives you a direct channel to them, which creates an intimate bond between you and your followers.

Devin thinks gratefulness is an underrated treat of content creators. People often admire people who know how to express their gratefulness and who stay humble. Listening to your audience falls in line with this as well, according to Devin, as they can help you create even better or more rewarding content. He further recommends the book The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk to better understand why being grateful is so important.

Devin Nash on Twitch

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But how much did he make?

Sure, fame and a strong network are nice. But Devin wanted to provide for himself and his loved ones as well. His net worth and salary are as follows: his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, which he mainly earned for his public speaking gigs and as the CEO of N3RDFUSION. His YouTube-channel earned him a couple thousand dollars, so it’s not extremely lucrative all things considered.

Does Devin ever not work?

Sure, Devin spends a lot of time being away from his computer or not speaking at conferences. His number one favorite pastime is traveling. Photography, reading and learning are other hobbies that are very dear to him. He is also a big animal lover, which you can see on his social media accounts (but we’ll get into that). Another small fact about Devin is that his favorite colors are red and black. Might be useful to know should the subject ever come up between you and your friends.

Devin Nash’s family and girlfriend

Devin Nash with imJasmine

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There once were rumors that Devin was supposed to be gay, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Devin has a girlfriend whom he lives together with in Incline Village, Nevada. Their relationship is kind of on the down-low, as they prefer to be able to go out in public and do “normal people” things. So please don’t tell anyone. Devin has always been tight-lipped about his dating life and that’s obviously fine. Naturally, the name of his girlfriend or any further information is currently unknown. Just know Devin is happy in a relationship, and that’s all we could ever wish anyone, right?

Devin grew up in a relatively big family, with a lot of siblings. His parents are both of American descent. He did mention in a Reddit AMA that his family sometimes suffered under his professional ambition, as he wasn’t able to spend much time with them for long periods of time to focus on his businesses. But same here, there is not a lot of public information available on their family situation, so we’ll leave it there.

However, there is some footage of Devin being on a date with fellow Twitch-streamer imJasmine, where he also talks about his ex-girlfriend. We can trust Devin is keeping busy, at least!

Devin is not your typical gamer

When you think of a gamer, you probably don’t think of someone that looks like Devin. Devin is a handsome guy, his height is around 6’2 tall (188 cm) and his weight is approximately 150 lbs (68 kg).

Devin on social media

Devin is very engaged on social media and keeps track of his profiles on several platforms. Here we go: Devin is Mylixia on Facebook, devinnash on Instagram, devinnash on Twitch, DevinNash on Twitter and Devin Nash on YouTube. You can spend hours viewing or scrolling through his content and get to know the online version of Devin Nash. Have fun!