Ian Alexander Sr. & Regina King’s Marriage Just Wasn’t Meant To Be

You don’t often see or hear Ian Alexander Sr. talked about, without mention of his ex-wife Regina King. Such are the consequences when two celebrities get together. But we think it’s worthwhile to explore the life of Ian as well, who is he and how has life treated him?

Ian Alexander Sr & Regina King in better times

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Ian Alexander Sr’s Personal Life

Ian has managed to keep a large chunk of his youth and the early years of his career private. He was born in Kamloops, Canada on April 8th in 1956. His family has kept to themselves all of their lives, so there is not much to write about there. His parents were both Canadian residents, we can give you that. Other than that, there seems to be a huge gap of anonymity almost between his birth in 1956 and the early 2000s, when Ian started to become a household name in Hollywood.

Ian Alexander Sr’s Short-Lived Career as an Actor

Ian made his first major film appearance in 2005, after being married to Regina King for eight years. Maybe her talent was contagious, or she hooked Ian up with one of her many connections within the movie industry.

Ian starred in the Showtime television series Masters of Horror, and shortly after that in The Chris Isaak Show. His acting career seemed to stall a bit, but he managed to land roles in DIisney’s The Ultimate Christmas Present and Animal Miracles. The drying up of his acting roles seems to coincide a little bit with his divorce with Regina King.

The Ian Alexander Sr and Regina King Romance

Ian and Regina King got married in 1997, during a small ceremony. They had been dating for over three years prior to exchanging vows with each other. Before they got married, Regina already gave birth to their son Ian in 1996. They seemed to be thriving as a family and the news of their divorce in 2006 came as a shock to the industry.

Ian Alexander Sr & Regina King in better times

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The Divorce of Ian and Regina King

Regina King filed for divorce in late 2006, and the separation became official in 2007. Both Ian and Regina weren’t too happy to share details of their divorce with the greater public, but sources close to them claimed Ian wasn’t the most faithful of husbands, to say the least. Rumours of domestic violence and drug abuse surfaced as well, but these claims have never been confirmed.

The relationship between the two definitely soured after their divorce, but over time they decided to burry the hatches for the sake of their son. So far, this has been the right decision, as their son Ian is in college and making his first steps in the acting industry.

Ian Alexander Sr. currently is not married.

Ian Alexander Sr & Regina King in better times with their son Ian Jr

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Ian Alexander Sr’s Net Worth

Ian Alexander Sr. already was quite the businessman before he hooked up with superstar Regina King. He is supposedly worth north of $3 Million. When the couple got divorced, Ian received a healthy share of their wealth as well, although this has never been proven. Ian isn’t the person to show off his wealth however, he possesses enough to live a comfortable life, without doing any extravagant stuff.

Ian Alexander Sr’s as a Businessman

Even though Ian is most famous for his acting roles, he was much more successful in business rooms all over the world. His cv includes a vice-president position at Warner Bros, which tells you all you need to know about his business acumen. His career has been away from the spotlight ever since, but we can be certain he still moves among the big boys in the entertainment industry.