Inside the Glamorous World of Celebrity High Rollers in Casinos

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While most people may head to the casino in the hope of a big win, high rollers already have plenty of money, so they are just gaming for the joy of trying to cheat the odds. This means that they are often willing to spend thousands chasing a winning streak or simply to keep the game going even if they are losing.

Some stars are really in it for the love of the game and as well as casinos, they also appreciate online gaming. Some of the most famous fans of online gaming, from craps to slot games, include Ray Romano, Charlie Sheen, and Akshay Kumar, all of whom have publicly talked about how much they enjoy playing casino games online.

Of course, having enough money to play high-stakes games means that casinos want to make celebrities feel comfortable when visiting their casinos. Some of the world’s most famous casinos are designed with high rollers in mind and have features and areas that are only accessible to those with the largest bank balances.

The Titus Villa at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Anyone who can afford the $ 30,000-a-night price tag can stay at the exclusive Titus Villa, which has been frequented by some of the biggest names in the world, including Lizzo, Barack Obama, Bradley Cooper, and Cher. Some of the most impressive features include the 33.5-foot-long pool which is technically outdoors but is covered by a retractable roof and surrounded by impressive pillars that make it feel like a Greek myth.

There are sixty-five butlers tasked with serving the guests at the Titus and other similar villas, not to mention an entire team of chefs ready and waiting to prepare any cuisine you can imagine. There is a billiards room, of course, and an adjacent bar which has the very finest of everything from French Champagne and Scottish Whiskey to a startling array of teas and even a choice of mineral waters.

The media room has silk-lined walls and a home theatre with massage chairs, whereas the bedroom features an eight-foot square bed and a bath made from a selection of the finest stone the planet has to offer. Wherever you look, there’s another incredible touch and guests can have the holiday of a lifetime without ever leaving their accommodation.

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Monte Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo

As one of the wealthiest places on earth, Monaco is home to people that think nothing of buying a luxury yacht or deciding to take a private jet to Paris for lunch. The Monte Carlo Casino is famous as the location where the iconic words ‘Bond, James Bond’ were first uttered on film, but it is also the playground of the super-rich.

The gaming floors ooze glitz and glamour and the minimum bet is high enough that most people would be priced out before too long. However, it’s not just the casino itself that attracts the well-heeled – there is so much more if money is no object.

The Opera House is beautiful and hosts some of the best-known artists in the world including Patti Smith, Lionel Ritchie, Prince, and the world-famous Monte Carlo Jazz Festival. In an afternoon of people watching, you might see people arriving by helicopter, dropping their Ferrari off with a valet before boarding a superyacht for a champagne party that drifts past the palace of the Prince and Princess of Monaco.

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Crown Casino, Melbourne

As one of the most popular casinos in Australia, Crown Casino attracts more than its fair share of high-rollers looking for the best time that money can buy. Alongside locals and tourists, the casino is also known for hosting some of the biggest names on the international circuit, and it’s easy to see why.

Crown Towers has exclusive villas with a butler service that can handle anything, from looking after a wombat to finding medieval thrones for a party. Some of the most famous guests include Elton John, George Clooney, Bill Gates, and Beyonce, so the services on offer have to be varied and extensive.

One guest asked for a wildlife handler to bring a wombat and a koala to the hotel, which was duly arranged, while another needed a hangar rented for their private plane as it was too large for their facilities. There really is almost nothing that you cannot buy with enough money, but good luck favours everyone equally, which is part of what makes casinos so appealing for the super-rich. 

For those that enjoy the excitement of casino gaming, there is always the chance that you might spot a celebrity making the most of a night off. From slot machines to high-stakes poker, there are gaming fans in casinos all over the world.