10 very attractive husbands and boyfriends of celebrities

Celebrities often attend the same parties and the same hotspots. So it’s not that weird that there are a lot of celebrity couples. We all know them, Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Kanye & Kim and so on. But what if, God forbid, a celebrity has a crush on someone not so famous? After we published a list of hottest wives and girlfriends earlier, the time has come to look at some very attractive partners of female celebrities in 2015. We are not talking about the glamour couples everyone knows, but just a man and a woman somewhere in the public eye, falling in love with each other.


Dean McDermott

Image: ibtimes.com

Dean is married to Tori Spelling, who rose to fame with the hit show Beverly Hills 90210. They live happily together in Los Angeles, California, United States. She looks a little bit like she wants to hide her true age, but Dean doesn’t seem to mind.

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