16 Celebrity Ages You’d Be Surprised About

Today, with all the tools to cover up any unwanted looks, celebrities look younger than ever. They experiment with all kinds of make-up to look as attractive as possible, hiding their true age. Some go even as far as to use plastic surgery on themselves. Maybe for medical reasons, but probably to look better. A quite strange phenomenon, when you think about it, celebrities often have a huge fanbase who love them unconditionally, so why change they way you are? Is it just a way to deal with the pressure that comes with the fame? Anyway, have a look at our ten celebrities who don’t look like their age!

 Gabriel Mann (45)

Image: gaystarnews.com

Gabriel Mann stopped aging after 30, or does he know something we don’t about? Fact remains that he has preserved remarkably well. The Revenge-Star is already 45 years of age and still looks like he could star in a diaper commercial!

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