15 Celebrities Who Have Different Colored Eyes

They say you immediately make up your mind about someone when you look them in the eyes. A first impression, love on first sight, you know the drill. But sometimes, and it’s really rare, you meet someone and you have to look twice to get that first impression. What is up with their eyes? The have a different color? It’s called Heterochromia iridum and we found the celebrities that walk around with this condition. Some love it, some hate it. Have a look and let us know what you think!

15. Elizabeth Berkley

photo: lifeandstylemag.com

Elizabeth has one brown eye and the other is blue/green! Most famous for her role in the dreadful ‘Showgirls’, she now isn’t on the frontlines of Hollywood anymore. But her eyes are still forever in our mind, what a gorgeous set of eyeballs.

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14. Max Scherzer

photo: foxsports.com
photo: foxsports.com

His right eye is light grey and his other eye is dark brown. Max is a wealthy baseball pro, currently playing for the Washington Nationals. Vision is an important skill in baseball, and with special eyes like Max’s he bound to be on top of the game for years to come.