9 Celebrities’ Favorite Hobbies

With the busy schedules that most celebrities have, it is hard to imagine that they might have hobbies they enjoy engaging in during their time off. But of course, like any regular folk, celebrities enjoy unwinding with particular activities.

While some of the hobbies the rich and famous enjoy may be far removed from our everyday habits, many are actually the same. Below are some of the hobbies of nine celebrities that show they can be just like regular people—and some that show they do live lives the rest of us can only dream of. 

Skydiving—Nicole Kidman

Known for movies like Aquaman and TV shows like the award-winning Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman is among the most prominent Hollywood celebrities. However, she enjoys a hobby many of us wouldn’t dream of attempting. 

Freefalling through the atmosphere, the A-list celeb loves skydiving—so much that she has a skydiving license and actively encourages other women to try the activity. When asked why she likes the hobby, she claimed it is the closest thing to flying. Can’t argue with that!

Fencing—Will Smith

The thought of Will Smith—known for his roles in The Pursuit of Happiness, Bad Boys, and I Am Legend—wearing a lamé is almost laughable. But the modern fencing uniform, a staple of the sport, is regularly donned by the star.

Starting to fence as a way to keep active, Smith has also roped in other big stars like Tom Cruise and David Beckham. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise has a dedicated room for the three superstars to practice and spar with each other.

Bee Keeping—Beyoncé Knowles

If dagger collecting seems strange, beekeeping is even stranger. However, this is the exact hobby that global sensation Beyoncé has chosen to take up. During an interview, she revealed that she has two full hives (holding an estimated 80,000 bees) at her home.

Aside from just keeping the bees, the star actively makes hundreds of jars of delicious honey. This delicacy spawned the habit because she wanted a constant supply on hand due to its medicinal qualities. She relies on these qualities to help treat her two daughters’ allergies. 

Poker—Bryan Cranston

While an almost endless stream of celebs like to gamble, Bryan Cranston enjoys the hobby without the trouble that sometimes comes with it. The Malcolm in the Middle star has often spoken about playing in person with friends and even online on sites like those covered on casinos.com

Aside from playing online, the star has also played in celebrity tournaments. During one of these games, he even went head-to-head with his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul. 

Snowboarding—Cameron Diaz

Charlie’s Angels may have prepared Cameron Diaz for action and adventure. However, even after trying activities like skydiving with co-star Drew Barrymore, snowboarding drew her in and has yet to relinquish its hold. 

The hobby has such a firm hold on the Bad Teacher actor that she refuses to stop doing it, even after having numerous accidents. Some of these were serious enough that she broke multiple bones. However, she is not the only celeb to have encountered bad luck while boarding on the slopes.

Knitting—Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is known for his handsome looks and his roles as romantic, quiet, and caring characters in movies such as Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Notebook. However, it is not only his on-screen persona that has a softer side. 

One of the stars’ favorite things to do is—believe it or not—knit. After learning the skill while on the Lars and the Real Girl set, he claims that he never gave it up and still enjoys it today. When asked what appeal it holds, he stated that he enjoys getting something at the end of all the effort—even if that something isn’t always the prettiest thing to look at. 

Unicycling—Leslie Mann

From George of the Jungle to 17 Again, Leslie Mann knows how to have a good time on and off the set. When not clowning around, Leslie enjoys riding on a unicycle—something we are sure took a while to master. 

Learning how to ride the single-wheel apparatus at the age of 10 after receiving one as a gift, Leslie still holds the skill. More than this, she knows how to pedal backward and can even jump curbs, all while staying upright.

Model Railways—Rod Stewart

Musicians are known in the industry for being slightly demanding and having eccentric requests. While Rod Stewart is no exception to this, it is not for the reason you might think.

When traveling, the singer’s only request is a separate hotel room to continue his hobby of building model train railways. The star is such an enthusiast of the hobby that he’s even appeared in a documentary about one of the more expansive models he has built.

Ping Pong—Susan Sarandon

Any time a celebrity can turn a hobby into a legitimate business shows just how much time the star has invested in the activity. For Susan Sarandon—star of Thelma and Louise and The Meddler—this is precisely what she did.

Loving ping pong (or table tennis) so much that she couldn’t continue playing only as a hobby, the star opened a ping pong bar in New York City. Incredibly, the bar has become so successful that it is now franchised and regularly hosts tournaments—some of which we’re sure she attends.