Acapulco Gold Feminized Marijuana Seed Review by AskGrowers Experts

The marijuana strain known as Acapulco Gold is sometimes called the “golden girl” of the cannabis industry because of its reputation for producing exceptionally high yields. This particular award-winning variety originates from Acapulco, Mexico, which is widely known as a Mexican resort city. 

The genetics of the Acapulco Gold come from Central America, where it was initially farmed in the mountains of Mexico. It was introduced to the United States in the 1960s and quickly gained popularity because of its strong effects and spectacular flavor profile. This strain has appeared in numerous TV series, films, and songs. It also won the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam 2010 in the “Best Sativa” category. 

This weed cultivar is a hybrid of two potent Sativa strains. When the cerebral effects set in, the magic happens. You’ll experience a surge of pleasure and creativity, followed by a calming body high that will have you floating on cloud nine. So, take a puff of Acapulco Gold and let your concerns fade away.

The Acapulco Gold History

Acapulco Gold first appeared in the United States in 1964. This strain soon rose the ranks and became a highly sought cannabis species worldwide, thanks to its magnificent golden look and high amounts of THC (for that period). The cultivar originated as a landrace cultivated in Mexico’s Guerrero Mountains. The legendary smuggler Gary Tovar said that the distinctive color of its buds was caused by specific environmental circumstances, including how the Pacific Ocean’s winds dried the buds on the branch. The strain’s exact ancestry is unknown, although Acapulco Gold most likely originated from other landrace cultivars and finally became genetically stabilized in isolated agricultural enclaves.

Acapulco Gold is still one of the most well-known landrace cannabis strains. However, specific climatic conditions must be met to reveal what made it so unique in the first place— the golden buds. Landraces form when a plant adapts to its nearby environment. As a result, many breeders claim that the legendary golden nuggets of Acapulco Gold can only be found in plants exposed to the Acapulco sun and Gulf winds. 

Cannabis enthusiasts who grow this strain elsewhere have fantastic results but frequently fail to create those iconic blossoms. Many seed banks now sell their own variants of Acapulco Gold. Some can trace their bloodlines back to Mexico, while others have given the designation to unrelated hybrids.

What Are the Effects and Flavors of Acapulco Gold?

Acapulco Gold seeds have less genetic imprint than the other varieties, but they are the ideal alternative for farmers seeking a faster and less problematic cannabis option. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a Sativa/Indica ratio of 60/40. It has a THC content of 15 – 24% and a CBD content of less than 1%, so prepare for some uplifting and invigorating benefits. Users might anticipate feeling energized, motivated, and euphoric. When you first smoke this marijuana, you’ll experience a rush of exhilaration that might continue for hours, leaving you pleased and giddy. This Sativa-dominant marijuana strain boosts the users’ creativity, making it ideal for artists and musicians. 

Consumers also experience complete happiness as they inhale its fruity and exotic smoke with earthy and spicy overtones. When you take a hit, you’ll notice a deliciously fruity and tropical flavor evocative of its Mexican origins. More seasoned weed users may also detect coffee, spicy, and piney scents. Acapulco Gold is a popular choice for individuals who desire a delightful smoking experience without harshness or bitterness due to its combination of sweet and earthy notes. 

This marijuana relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and chronic pain. The physical benefits are similarly impressive, with a calming body high that does not leave a user couch-locked. Instead, you can go about your day feeling at ease and peace. This property makes it popular among those looking for a buzz without feeling drowsy. Overall, Acapulco Gold marijuana is a great strain that provides a balanced high ideal for every occasion—it’s no surprise that indoor growers adore this variety. 

How Can I Grow Acapulco Gold?

The feminized Acapulco Gold seeds are moderately challenging to grow. The plants are quite resilient and resistant to mold, insects, and microorganisms unless pathogens are introduced into the grow chamber due to unsanitary farming procedures. This marijuana plant flourishes in Mediterranean and tropical settings, preferring dry weather and high temperatures with plenty of sunshine. During their vegetative development, drought-resistant plants require a certain amount of humidity. They can endure dry circumstances once they begin to flower. 

The plants may become susceptible to powdery mildew if the air is excessively dry. This plant is also sensitive to temperature variations. It means farmers in colder climates must grow Acapulco Gold indoors and use high grow lights to mimic the sun’s beams. The crops can survive dry temperatures ranging from 68°F to 85°F. If the temperature rises, this weed will become stressed and might cease developing; growers should offer some cover for their plants on hot days.

Maintain a consistent plant watering schedule, but avoid over-watering the soil. Furthermore, sufficient nutrients are required for this cannabis to grow healthy and robust. It requires macronutrients like potassium (K) and nitrogen (N) in the vegetative growth phase, as well as phosphorus (P) for flower development. Micronutrients like iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and magnesium (Mg) are also critical for the proper development of Acapulco Gold plants and ample harvest. Most commercial fertilizers contain these components in a powdered or liquid form. Small amounts of secondary nutrients like calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S) are needed; you can find them in either gypsum or bone meal.

Farmers should expect their crops to reach 3-3.6ft tall. However, this weed may reach up to 6ft tall if given adequate room during flowering time. Growers can keep their plants looking neat indoors by topping them without reducing output. It’s also vital to ensure that the grow chamber is well-ventilated.

What Do Acapulco Gold Marijuana Plants Look Like?

Acapulco Gold marijuana plants are tall and bushy, boasting lengthy, slender, and brilliant green foliage. You may also detect some brown tones. The buds are rich and sticky, with a golden color that lends the strain’s name. Given the density of its buds, you might discover a lot of resin when trimming and harvesting your plants. The pistils are of rusty orange color, and there are a lot of trichomes, giving the buds a frosty appearance. 

When Should Your Acapulco Gold Marijuana Plants Be Harvested?

This fan-favorite cultivar usually flowers at approximately eight to ten weeks or 60-70 days. Outdoor cultivators should harvest the plants between the middle and end of October when the blossoms are most potent. After 8-9 weeks of flowering, indoor growers can harvest the ripe buds. Indoor farmers usually wait 10-11 weeks on average. Outdoor producers should expect a harvest of roughly 16 ounces per plant, while indoor growers can expect a harvest of 14 ounces per square meter—that’s a lot of baggies of weed! 


You now understand where Acapulco Gold seeds originate from and how the strain grows. You’re also acquainted with its effects, flavor, and aroma. All that remains is for you to try Acapulco Gold out. If you give this famous landrace enough space and flexibility to flourish, you’ll immediately fall in love with its productivity. While it’s possible to find authentic Acapulco Gold cannabis seeds to date, you may also consider cultivating this strain’s offspring, including several Skunk, Haze, and Diesel variations.

The author of this article is Denys Svirepchuk, a cannabis expert and passionate grower with many years of experience. Denys educates the readers of the AskGrowers blog by sharing his findings and tips about various strains. His mission is to help everyone access weed cultivation and grow their favorite strains in any available setup.