Demi Rose: From Bullied in School to Superstar on Social Media

Even though Demi Rose is world famous, there are plenty of people who haven’t heard of her. You might be one of them. Sure, you know Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé Knowles or any other powerful woman. We think Demi Rose is close to achieve the same level of recognition. Demi Rose is still very young, but she has already amassed a healthy fortune while she does what many girls dream of. Let’s get to know her.

Demi Rose


Who Is Demi Rose?

Demi Rose was born on the 27th of March in 1995 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her full name is Demi Mawby Rose, and her parents are Christine Mawby and Barrie Mawby. She studied at New Oscott Primary School, John Willmott School and Walsall College. That’s a lot of different schools, isn’t it? We’ll get into that in a second. Her life as a kid remains somewhat mysterious, so there is not much to go on from those days.

An important and tragic milestone in her life has been the passing of both her parents in 2019, who passed away within eight months of each other. Her mother was 63 years old, while her father died at the age of 80. May they rest in peace. She shared the heartbreaking news on her social media, and we hope she found comfort in the many messages she received from her followers.

Demi Rose’s Rise to Stardom

The tragic passing of her parents happened when she herself was on the brink of breaking through as a model. At the age of 18, her Instagram-account became somewhat famous as people discovered what was soon to be one of Britain’s most gorgeous women. She attracted followers by posting images of herself and her life, and she was never too shy to show off her physical attributes that would later attract the biggest brands as well.

She didn’t overcomplicate things at all: she knew she had the body to amaze people and that’s exactly what she did. While this may seem as simplistic, and it certainly attracted at lot of haters as well, it remains a formula that works on social media and a new star was born. Demi soon was the girl to follow.

Demi Rose body


Demi wasn’t a stranger to being successful on social media platforms: she was very popular on MySpace as well (for the uninitiated, MySpace was one of the first social media platforms to exist). Naturally, as MySpace decimated, her followers gained her some traction on Instagram as well. Her follower count on Instagram these days you ask? There’s over sixteen million of them! Have a look for yourself and who knows, you might be one of them soon enough.

With her explosive entrance in the world of celebrities, you might think it’s all sunshine and roses (no pun intended), but that’s not the case. Demi said she was bullied in her younger years, which is something that made her stronger and more self-aware today. Hence all the different schools she went to as a kid perhaps… She hopes to inspire young girls to be who they want to be and she tries to educate the world on how to prevent or deal with bullying. You go girl!

The Career of Demi Rose

Demi Rose knew she had the goods to make it to the big scene, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. This maybe is she main difference with so many other social media accounts who don’t make it big. Be yourself, and if you are someone that appeals to a lot of people, you’re on the right track. But, not going to lie here, it definitely helps if you have looks that make you stand out in any way, shape or form. And Demi Rose definitely has those!

Demi Rose Taz Angels


Demi Rose’s looks caught the eye of famous social media brand Taz’s Angels, which seems to be an excellent match. She soon moved to the United States to work as a lingerie model, and nowadays she focuses on her personal brand and on collaborations with the biggest brands in the world. Her most recent campaign was with PrettyLittleThing.

The net worth of Demi Rose is estimated at a very healthy $4 million USD. Neat.

Demi Rose on Plastic Surgery

Naturally, a body like Demi Rose’s is bound to raise some eyebrows, and people want to know if it’s natural or not. When asked about her curves and voluptuous body, Demi insists that it’s all thanks to a lot of hard work and natural genes. We believe her.

She works religiously with a personal trainer to keep in shape, and let’s be honest, it shows. Or did you think her 24-inch waist and 26-inch hips didn’t need any maintenance?

The Dating Life of Demi Rose

Demi Rose Tyga


While Demi has many fans who’d hope to take things a step further, she looks elsewhere for romance. In 2016 it was reported that Tyga was dating the supermodel. They met at a party in Cannes and immediately hit it off. It turned out to be a turbulent affair that didn’t last. They broke up, and in 2017 images appeared of Demi with DJ Chris Martinez. They were a couple until well in 2019 when they broke up also.

Demi Rose Chris Martinez


Demi Rose Trivia

Even if you are a devoted follower of Demi Rose, these are two things you might not know about her. In May 2015, before she absolutely blew up, she starred in DJ Khaled’s music video of ‘How Many Times‘ in May 2015. She also featured on the cover of Sixty6 Magazine in 2016, which was an early indicator of the star she would become.


Demi Rose has had her fair share of ups and downs in life. She was bullied as a child and she lost her parents way too young. However, she did manage to pull through and become the power-woman that she is today. She tries to use her fame for a good cause as she hopes to help end bullying once and for all.

Her body has helped her catapult her career as a lingerie model, but definitely don’t underestimate her business sense. You don’t get where she is just by looking pretty. She is smarter than what models usually get credit for. Demi has an enormous following on social media and an enormous number on her bank account – that’s a career many people dream of, and we’re excited to find out what else she is going to achieve.

In the meantime, stay up to date with her life on Instagram, or, if you really dedicated after reading this and you know where to look, you can find her on a platform where only fans are allowed.