How Mike Stoklasa & Mr. Plinkett Built Their Own YouTube Empire

Mike Stoklasa is the founder of Red Letter Media and he directs, produces and acts in movies. The Phantom Menace Review (2009), Attack of the Clones Review (2010) and Revenge of the Sith Review (2010) are some of his most interesting works. After seeing Star Trek Generations for the second time in 2008, Mike Stoklasa got to work and created his first video essay.

Mike Stoklasa


The Rise of Mike Stoklasa

Mike was born in the United States on November 14, 1978. He went to a public alternative school as a kid. Other than that, not much information about Mike Stoklasa’s life before he started his channel is available. Let’s see what else there is to know about the YouTube star.

Mike’s rise to fame started with his 70-minute Star Wars movie review, which he posted on YouTube. Since he felt his voice was too dull, he used the voice of his character Mr. Plinkett. Following his phenomenal success with his review of “The Phantom Menace”, he started writing reviews for the Star Wars series.

YouTube as a Career

He made chronicles with Jay Bauman, at the same time he was also popular for being part of the most remarkable contrasted comedy on “Half in the Bag”. In addition, he felt compelled to write a review on “Star Trek Generations”  because the film “absolutely fucked up the transition from what was a very decent TV show to the big screen.” He felt compelled to share his thoughts with other Star Trek fans because of this experience.

Mike Stoklasa & Jay Bauman


However, he got charged to give his views to other Star Treks fans. From that moment, he went on and made the reviews for the James Cameron films that include the likes of Avatar and Titanic, Star Wars II and Star Wars III.

Furthermore, he was also part of the team that made the film review of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Some time later Mike went on and did the full-length report regarding the movie. His Red Letter Media went on and made some impact in the film sectors attracting many clients.

Mike is a self-proclaimed fake who is best known for his Mr. Plinkett voice from the “Plinkett Reviews”. He has become one of the best comedy duos on ‘Half in the Bag’ with his sidekick, Jay Bauman. Mike was inspired to write his first review after seeing Star Trek Generations for the second time in 2008. Since then, he’s been on a wild ride that just seems to be going up.

Mike seems to be following his dreams, in creating his own company and rating works of art the he likes or dislikes. He has a natural eye for reviewing film, and according to his numbers on YouTube his talents pay the bills as well. His YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers.

Who is Mr. Plinkett?

Mike must find it incredibly aggravating that his alter-ego is more popular than he is. He has, however, been able to bring this fictional character to life, and fans of Harry S. Plinkett’s voice will find his character growth to be very fascinating. Mr. Plinkett is an elderly serial killer who abducts hookers – yes, you read that correctly…

Mr. Plinkett


Mr. Plinkett is a 106-year-old psychopath, according to Stoklasa, who arrived in the United States in 1912 on Titanic’s first cruise. His father perished in the sinking, though his mother escaped. This hooker-kidnapper (yeah, that’s probably not a real word) met and married his soulmate. Later, at the Taj Mahal Casino, Mr. Plinkett met Bambi, a waitress. They married, but Harry soon discovered that Bambi was stealing money from his wallet. The old serial killer murdered his wife in the bathtub by slitting her wrist. He also paid a prostitute to write a fictitious suicide note for Bambi.

Sure, this is a lot to take in. Maybe just watch some of his videos to understand it all. One thing is certain though, Mike Stoklasa has a very creative way of looking at things.

Mike Stoklasa’s Personal Life

Mike Stoklasa is reportedly dating Jessi Nakles. Her name might be familiar to you from the 2011 film The Great Space Jam. However, they both have remained silent about whether there is any substance to these rumors. There is no proof that they are still together or if they have broken up. Guess it might be wise to pay close attention to his videos and social media and see if there are any clues here.

Mike Stoklasa & Jessi Nakles


Mike Stoklasa: Net Worth and Social Media

Mike Stoklasa has a staggering net worth of $15 million as of 2018. It’s a huge sum for a YouTuber who just reviews videos. However, he makes the majority of his money through his own business, Red Letter Media, LLC. Good for you, Mike.

YouTube is obviously Mike’s bread and butter when it comes to social media. On Facebook and Twitter he has both a personal and a business profile. However, his personal accounts seem pretty abandoned. And on his business profiles, you mostly find… business.

So, Who Is Mike Stoklasa?

Mike Stoklasa is a movie-geek turned professional videographer. Anything to do with film, and Mike can do it. Most people know him from his work on Star Trek and Star Wars, which is pretty logical as Star Trek is his favourite science fiction series of all time. As a YouTuber, Mike has made it big starting his own channel Red Letter Media. Other than his career, not that much information is available or reliable. Probably a wise choice, let everyone just enjoy your work and don’t worry about the rest. We’re a fan!