Kira Bonder is Mixed Up in One of The Most Insane Controversies of Our Time

Kira Bonder is one of the most famous kids in the United States of America. And that’s mostly due to merely being the daughter of Lisa Bonder and the late Steve Bing. She also has a half-brother named Damian Hurley, who is the son of Steve Bing and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Since her mother’s divorce from late business mogul Kirk Kerkorian, Kira and her family have been in the news a lot for all kinds of controversies regarding parenthood and finances. Let’s dive in.

Kira Bonder shows off a medal she won

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The Childhood of Kira Bonder

Kira was born in 1999, which is pretty much all that is known right now. Other things that stand out about Kira are that she is quite tall and that she loves horse-riding. Kira’s mother, Lisa, however, is an open book. She used to be a professional tennis player for the United States.

She became known to the wider public by marrying late billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who was 48 years older than she was. When they divorced in 1999, just 28 days later(!), all kinds of details aired. Lisa got pregnant and claimed Kirk was the father. A settlement was made and Kirk paid Lisa $100,000 a month in child support. He also had to set up a trust for his daughter, for a total sum of $7 million. All good and well, that’s how life goes sometimes, right?

But Kirk suspected foul play.

The late Kirk Kerkorian, on the right (obviously)

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He asked his private detective to poke around a little to see what’s up. Anthony Pellicano, the name of the private detective, managed to obtain some DNA of Steve Bing, a business man from New York who was Lisa’s boyfriend at the time.

It was enough to prove Kirk wasn’t the actual father of Kira, but Steve Bing is. When Kirk passed away in 2015, only a fraction of his fortune was left to Lisa, which she had to fight hard for in court as well.

It’s not that strange there is little information available on Kira’s childhood, as it’s a very odd one we imagine.

But if you think that’s where the drama ends, nope.

Meet Steve Bing, Kira’s Real Father?

Steve Bing was an American film producer who lived from 1965 until June 22, 2020. He founded Shangri-La Entertainment, a real-estate, construction, entertainment, ánd music company. He was also a public donor to the Democratic National Comittee, backing Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and others.

However, Steve didn’t build his empire all by himself. He inherited an enormous amount from his family who made a fortune in real-estate in New York. When Steve committed suicide, after a long struggle with depression, in 2020, his father is trying to prevent both Lisa and Kira being able to receive the trust in the future.

The late Steve Bing, on the right (obviously)

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So yes, Steve is Kira’s real father, but Steve’s family seems to wish otherwise and prevent them from gaining access to the trust when the time comes.

That’s quite a handful of drama if we say so ourselves, so let’s focus on some sunnier aspects of Kira Bonder’s life.

Kira Bonder’s Half-Brother, Damian Hurley

Damian Charles Hurley, Kira’s half-brother, is an English actor and model. He is the son of American businessman Steve Bing and actress Elizabeth Hurley. Tess Management, a model agency, signed Damian in September 2018.

Damian portrays Prince Hansel of Liechtenstein in The Royals, an E! series in which his mother plays Queen Elizabeth II.

In December, he also made an appearance as a reality television star.

Kira Bonder Boyfriend

Kira prefers to keep her personal life private, thus details regarding her dating life are hard to come by. It’s unclear if she’s married, dating or if she has children.

Kira’s biological parents, Steve and Lisa, were romantically linked in the late 1990s. After years of dating, the couple decided to call it quits.

Following the breakup, Kira’s father, Bing, dated Elizabeth Hurley, an English businesswoman, from September 2000 to November 2001.

Their love affair resulted in the birth of a kid, Damian, whom they co-parented until he reached adulthood.

Kira Bonder Net Worth

Kira Bonder and her mother Lisa Bonder

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Kira Bonder’s exact net worth is unknown. However, as her mother’s… let’s call them, adventures, are so public, we can estimate the Bonder family to possess a solid fortune. It’s very probable Kira has her share as well, and she is probably set for life.