Sophie Mudd Has Everything A Girl Wants

If there’s talk of an energetic and confident woman in the celebrity space, Sophie Mudd will always make the cut. With her social media following., it is clear that most people are inspired by her piece of work and style. Sophie Mudd was born July 27, 1998, and is a very popular American superstar who is also a social media influencer. At some point, she was not someone who could just post her gallery of pictures on social media accounts. However, the moment she became a celebrity that’s when the world got to know more about her lifestyle, and what she has to offer.

Sophie Mudd


At this moment in time, she has over 1 million followers on Instagram alone. The starlight girl was born and spent her childhood in Los Angeles, California. She grew up with her parents and her brother, Nicolas Mudd. The two went to the same school, Campbell Hall School. They were very popular at the school as they were talented kids. They dominated in both academics and sports, and their family was very proud of them. Sophie is very close to her parents and mostly her mother, she always seeks advice from her family on how she can improve her career and her life.

Sophie Mudd’s Life As a Kid

Sophie Mudd grew up in the bustling city of Los Angeles with business-minded parents and her brother. Nicolas and Sophie attended Campbell Hall School, a prestigious private school, where they excelled in both academics and sports. Sophie competed in the “Delphic League Meet at Notre Dame Higgins” track and field event, placing 12th in the long jump division. The family decided to relocate to Beverly Hills, California. Sophie’s friends and family describe her as a timid, soft-spoken woman, in stark contrast to her outgoing online persona.

The Beginning of Sophie Mudd’s Career

Sophie Mudd uses social media to flaunt her sultry body and model passion. She racked up half a million Instagram followers in a matter of months, attracting the attention of brands and businesses. Sophie Mudd later signed a contract with MP Management, a multinational company based in Milan, that has networks ranging from modeling agencies to fashion designers, resulting in notable projects.

She currently represents Nike, Body Glove Girl, Frankies, Revolve, DIFF Eyewear, Bananhot, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Romeo Power Technology, Prix Workshop, Shadow Hill, Le Jolie, Cloudten, and other brands. Sophie’s estimated net worth is more than $200,000 USD, thanks to her online platform and brand endorsements.

Sophie Mudd and a friend in bikini


Sophie Mudd’s Net Worth

In 2019, her net worth was revealed to be $250,000. She earns between $2304.75 and $3841.75 per post, according to the influencer marketing hub. We hope to see her shine even more as a professional model in the coming years, and we certainly hope to see her net worth increase.

Sophie Mudd’s Body Measurements

Sophie Mudd has an hourglass figure, with a slender waist, a long torso, and ample breasts. Her 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) height and 128 pounds (58 kg) weight are complemented by her deep brown eyes and brunette hair. At 20 years old, the young actress has a Cup D bra size (32 in, 81.28 cm), a 24 in (60.96 cm) waist, 34 in (86.36 cm) hips, and a US 8.5 shoe size (9.75 in, 24.6 cm).
Sophie Mudd has striking brown eyes and a chiseled face. She has a flawless jawline, a wonderful Greek nose, and fuller lips. Her face is gorgeous and adorable.

Sophie Mudd keeps her body in shape


Sophie Mudd’s Relationship with Austin Dash

Sophie Mudd and Austin Dash started dating in 2017, and their fans call them “Ausop”, which is a combination of their first names. Austin’s album Malibu discusses his first meeting with Sophie Mudd, and how their attraction was instantaneous. Sophie, their adventures in Malibu, and what the voyage turned into were all featured on the album.

In terms of their online presence, the couple uses Instagram to share photos and videos of themselves, demonstrating genuine affection and respect for one another. Austin and Sophie enjoy Netflix and anime shows, such as Bleach and Spirited Away. The couple plan spontaneous trips to various countries.

Sophie Mudd with Austin Dash


Sophie recently penned “FBD” (Future Baby Daddy) in an Instagram post with Austin, teasing fans about their sexually active relationship and future plans. Austin Dash is eight years Sophie’s senior; his parents are actress Stacey Dash and musician Christopher Williams, and he was a model for Kid Dangerous and F&C at the age of 20.

Austin bought Sophie a pet dog for Christmas Eve 2017 and called him Alfie, a black and brown poodle.

The Social Media Empire of Sophie Mudd

Sophie Mudd’s Instagram account has 2,1 million followers, with just 400+ followings and 634 posts. Sophie is well-known for her brand deals with swimwear designers due to her eye-catching physique. She shared her experiences in Paris, New York, and Asian countries, such as Indonesia, China, and others.

There was a controversy concerning a live video of Sophie who wore a USA flag bikini top and denim shorts, she was seen jumping until her top had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and slipped off.

Sophie Mudd made waves on the internet on June 1st, 2018, when she posted a photo of herself and model Anya Nicolodi wearing a revealing Bananhot bikini. For months, it was the talk about it with more than 100,000 likes. Sophie and Cambrie Schroder created a YouTube video on the “how to’s” of making healthy smoothies while flaunting their curly hair.

Sophie has over 42,6k followers on her official Twitter account. She recently discussed her plans to start a YouTube channel as well, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.

What Sophie Mudd Does in Her Personal Life

Even though she spends most of her time posting pictures on social media, all that stuff is for money. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the hobbies that she enjoys doing in her free time. Sophie enjoys a variety of activities outside of modeling, including traveling. She also enjoys dogs. She even claims to be capable of loving dogs more than humans. She still has her pet dog.


Sophie Mudd has a net worth and a lifestyle that simply complements her fame. And with all the beauty that she has, it’s not surprising that she has a huge following on her social media account. At the same time, her beauty did not go into vain as she has attracted many reputable companies to advertise, using her image as a model and social media influencer.
With so much love for her family, it’s clear that she had a very good upbringing by the love she shows to her parents as well as her brother. All is bright in the life of Sophie Mudd.