Hannah Kepple: Is There Anything She Can’t Do?

Hannah Kepple is a rising movie star and model born on the 20th of November in 2000. Originally Hannah Elizabeth, she now hails as just Hannah Kepple on social media platforms. She is the beautiful daughter of Rich and Julie Kepple. Hannah was born in North Carolina, United States, and is of Caucasian ethnicity. At five feet and three inches, Hannah seems to be standing her ground quite well in the movie industry, and with the pace her career is taking, it’s safe to say that all the stars have aligned for this Scorpio, and it’s definitely her winning season.

Hannah Kepple

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The Career of Hannah Kepple

Hannah’s big break came through the role she played in Cobra Kai, a netflix series, which ran for three seasons from 2018. The series was nominated for a handful of awards, such as the Primetime Creative Emmy Awards for Outstanding stunt Coordination. She plays Moon in the series. Moon is the daughter of a well off mother who starts as a bully in high school, but as the drama unveils, she later finds a new path during an interesting episode and starts advocating against such behavior such that when season 2 hit the screen, all her fans were quick to notice the transformation. She becomes a completely reformed character, leading to her breakup with Hawk, her boyfriend, who insists on being an aggressor. Although Hannah is not the main/lead character in Cobra Kai, she, however, does not hold back telling the world that the role meant a lot to her.

Hannah Kepple in Cobra Kai

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Shortly after, in 2019, she went on to play the role of Kristy Ray in Your Worst Nightmare and in the same year played in an episode of Tell Me Your Secrets as Emily. Kirtsy Ray is a young girl who gets kidnapped and leaves a mystery for the local law enforcement agency to unravel. Hannah also appears on Hellblazer Biz in 2022 as they are interviewed on how season three will shape up.

Hannah Kepple on Social Media

Hannah should be considered as one of those stars who have a neck for keeping their laundry (dirty or clean) under and away from public and media scrutiny. This comes as there is not much on the internet or social media in the form of scandals and misdemeanors on her part, which is usually the norm for persons as high up as her in the entertainment industry. She is clearly playing it safe, which will probably serve her best in the long term. It probably comes with being the Christian that she is.

Hannah Kepple can be found on Instagram, and her handle is @hannahkepple and on Facebook as Hannah Kepple. You can be sure to get a glimpse of this beautiful budding actress on these platforms, prepare yourself to be wowed by her dazzling beauty.

Hannah Kepple and Her Relationships

Hannah Kepple with Xolo Mariduena

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Instead of just earning a role in Cobra Kai, Hannah Kepple seems to have hit a frenzy with Xolo Maridueńa. Xolo co-starred as Miguel in Cobra Kai. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, right. The couple presumably started dating when they cast for season one of the movie, but Hannah only gets to admit that the couple did have something going on in an interview towards the end of Cobra Kai season 1. Seems like the directors not only know how to put a good film together, they seem to have comprehensive abilities in match-making. However that being said, nothing is really official since there hasn’t been any news of wedding bells or engagements for that matter soon.

The Early Days of Hannah Kepple

So back in the day as a child, Hannah took up ballet classes and says the decision was influenced by her highly musical background. Her love for music stemmed at a very tender age of about ten. Hannah Kepple gives special thanks to the team at Asheville Community Theater, to whom she gives high credits for exposing her talent behind the camera from her early teens.

She landed a role as Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, a junior production run by the theater.

She further goes on to mention that her favorite hobbies include reading books and browsing up and down the internet streets, which are home to a lot of her followers, and she definitely uses these platforms as a means to stay in touch with her thousands of fans, and at the same time keeping these legions posted on what’s trending in her life also taking care to include what to expect from her professional career through various posts on Instagram and Facebook.

She also has to make in-between times for her hound as she is a pet owner. Naturally it would make her an inherent traveler, and it seems to be the case as she claims that she is an avid lover of traveling. It also comes as no surprise that she is a photo enthusiast. Given her job description, she has to stand in front of the camera an above-average number of times. Hannah Kepple is just a marvel behind the camera. She definitely knows how to strike a pose on and off the set as she appears in exquisite shoots on her Instagram page @hannahkepple. She will be sure to entice you with her dazzling brown eyes. In a bid to maintain her top-dollar looks, Hannah practices yoga and goes to the gym regularly. She indicates that she is also into mountain hiking when expanding the time she gets for herself for leisure.

Hannah Kepple with her family

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Hannah Kepple Net Worth

Hannah’s net worth is pegged at about $1 million USD. She is said to rack in about eighty thousand in salary from her profession as a model and an actress, which is pretty impressive for an upcoming artist of her age. She definitely has a lot more to give and will be getting a lot herself in dollar amounts.


Hannah is surely a lover of the finer things in life as she took music lessons from the Reynold High School Music Theater. After the horrible parking lot shootings at the school, Hannah decided to take it up to herself and other self-conscious members from Reynolds High School Music Theater. Together, they launched a campaign that protested against the abuse of weapons in schools. It appears Hannah is not only caring and considerate as Moon in Cobra Kai. She takes into her day-to-day life, taking the extra step to also practice what she acts out. In one of her interviews, she reviews that she fights for equity and stands against social injustices like racism. She also advocates against bullying on any level. In that aspect, I guess we can not separate the actor Moon from the person Hannah Kepple.