Susie Hariet Is A Proud Mother Of Three And Still Head Over Heels In Love With Dan Stevens

Susie Hariet being happy with husband Dan Stevens

Susie Hariet has managed to get on the cover of most tabloids, and it’s usually for good reasons. Most people might know Susie just as the wife of popular actor Dan Stevens, but there is a lot more to this dazzling South African beauty.

Susie Hariet and Her South-African Roots

Susie Hariet was born in South Africa. Gossips about her actual age are controversial, but most reports are that Susie is older than her husband Dan. She was also raised in South Africa and only moved out of the African country when she decided to pursue a career in the arts. Both her primary and high school were completed in South Africa. Then she decided to take up the arts, after being inspired by her mother, who is a good actress. Nothing is known about Susie’s father, but her mother has been supportive of her choice to pursue the artistic pathway.

Susie Hariet moved from South Africa to England and pursued a career in singing. In her early days, she performed in Cafés. It gave her quite a stage to be noticed and climb up the ladder of art in the UK.  She then went up to performing in theatres. This step was very essential: it opened doors for her in the acting world. Being in theatres got her close to actors and also was very important in launching her acting career.

It was in these theatres where she met her husband Dan. We can say that her stint in the theatres has been quite progressive, and it is evident in what she has achieved by now. Susie is proud of her South African heritage: she often mentions her upbringing in interviews and that the experience of growing up in South Africa has made quite an impact on her career.

Besides, she often talks about how she would want to improve the lives of South Africans through her work.

Susie Hariet Is Into Art

Susie is immensely talented; she has made a lot of impact in the art world. She came to England as a young woman with a dream to make it big on the art scene, and the journey started from there.

Susie’s Music Journey

Initially, the idea of coming to England was to pursue her music dream, and that is exactly what Susie did. Susie moved to England and got her jazz career up and running.  She was a jazz vocalist and did a lot of singing over the years. Her performance in theatres got her a lot of acclaim and also a gig as a singing instructor. She has been a singing teacher for quite a while now, and it has made her slow down a bit on the musical performances. She has been teaching artists and actors to sing, and one of the actors that have been under her tutorship is Dan, her husband. In an interview, Dan reviewed that Susie had coached him for his role in the play Beauty and the Beast. Dan kept buzzing on how the experience was great for him and how he would love to do it again.

Susie’s Acting Career

Susie Hariet with husband Dan Stevens

In the early 2000s, Susie took up acting and was pretty good at it. She started her acting career early, playing small roles on the big screen and starred in several small-screen productions. She also played in several theatre productions, and these set her up for major roles she got later in her career.

Susie’s breakthrough performance was the movie, Worth, which came out in 2007. She did justice to the role she was playing and got a lot of thumbs-ups from movie critics. Her acting in Worth got her another huge role in the movie Forget me not, which came out in 2010. 2010 was a productive year for Susie. She appeared on the big screen again in the movie, The Darkroom. It was a commercial success, and the cast got a lot of acclaims.

After 2010, Kate decided to shelve her acting career in favor of singing. She decided to get back into singing in theatres and also become one of the best singing coaches. Susie is also getting into character development; she has been credited as the brains behind her husband’s character in the show High Maintenance. It was quite a success based on the character Susie developed.

With just a little more work, she could become one of the leading character developers. Despite shelving her acting career, she has been very supportive of her husband, Dan’s acting career. She has often accompanied him to set for different shows. We just hope she changes her mind and comes back to acting.

Susie and Dan Getting Married

Susie Hariet and Dan Stevens

Susie first met Dan in 2006, when the two were doing theatre production at different theatres in Sheffield. Dan has described their relationship as one of those love-at-first-sight fairytales. After meeting up, they started to hang out regularly, and eventually, the friendship turned into a relationship. The two love birds have been dating for three years, which were probably the busiest period of both their careers. After dating for three years, the two lovebirds decided to make things formal and tie the knot.

Their wedding in 2009 was modest, and Susie looked stunning, even though she was already six months pregnant with their first child. Later that year, Susie gave birth to their first child, a girl named Willow. After the birth of Willow, Susie took a sabbatical from the arts to take care of little Willow. In 2012, the couple was blessed with another child, a son this time. They named the boy Aubrey. In 2016, they got child number three, another girl named Eden. After her third child, Susie scaled down on her music career and has been rarely making appearances ever since.

Susie Harier and Her Family

Susie and her family were initially living in London but recently decided to move to Brooklyn, New York. They have said that the move did have a reason, rather they just felt they needed to change their surroundings. In an interview, Susie described the move as something that is just a seismic shift in their lives, especially with the family. The family has adopted South Africa as their second home and usually spend holiday time in the African country.

Susie Hariet’s Net Worth

As we wind up, it’s only fair to wonder how many dollars this star has raked in with such a rosy career. Indeed, her career in the arts has been illustrious, and her bank account can tell exactly this. Susie Hariet has featured in several productions and has been coaching some of television’s biggest stars. According to estimates, Susie Hariet is currently worth somewhere around 2 million dollars. Considering that Susie still has a lot to give in the entertainment industry, we are sure she will make plenty more in the coming future.