Who Is Mario Cimarro? Learn Everything About His Family, Career, Net Worth and Love Life!

Mario Cimarro has appeared in Mexican, Spanish, Colombian, and American television shows and films. He is even known as one of the richest actors in the entertainment industry.

Life and Family of Mario Cimarro

Mario Antonio Cimarro Paz is his full name, and he is well known in the entertainment industry as Mario Cimarro. He was born on June 1, 1971, in Havana, Cuba. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He is the son of Antonio Luis Cimarro, his father, and Maria Cardad Paz, his mother. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister, named Julio Cimarro and Maria Antonia Cimarro Paz. Interestingly, Julio Cimarro is his twin brother.

Mario Cimarro’s Childhood and Education

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Since childhood, Mario Cimarro has always been praised for his outstanding performances and high grades. Mario Cimarro started high school when he was 16 years old. He earned a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university after graduating from high school. According to CELEBRITYBORN (2021), he attended the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa in Mexico. He even studied with outstanding teachers, including Bill Alderson and Adriana Barraza. Moreover, Adriana Barraza is an Oscar nominee.

Journey of Mario Cimarro’s Career as a Famous Actor

Mario Cimarro is a prominent Cuban television actor, model, and film actor. After graduating with a degree in drama, he pursued his dream of becoming an actor and landed a role in the Baz Luhrmann-directed film “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Before that, he made his big-screen debut in 1995 in “Acapulco, cuerpo y alma.” Later on, he appeared with Louis Gosset Jr. in “Managua.”

In search of solid roles, he moved to Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia, where he worked with renowned authors, producers, and directors. He appeared in several renowned Latin-American series, including “Pasión de Gavilanes” (2003-2004) Season 1 and “El Cuerpo del Deseo” (2005-2006), which allowed him to work with Julio Jimenes, a well-known writer, and Rodrigo Triana, a well-known director. In “Pasión de Gavilanes,” he worked with Natasha Klauss, Michel Brown, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Danna García, and Paola Rey.

Mario’s Other Projects

He starred in “Rockaway,” directed by the Crook Brothers, for First Look Studios. He also co-produced the film “Puras Joyitas,” directed by Cesar Oropeza, in which he played SN. The film became a box office hit in Venezuela. Moving on to his small-screen roles, Mario had a recurring role on the USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness” as Augusto (2011–2012) and “Jesus Cristo de Nazaret” (2020).

In the popular US series, he plays a Spanish chef who secretly partners up with Dr. Dani. In August 2019, he traveled to Paraguay to be part of the jury staff for the eighth season of the program “Baila conmigo Paraguay.”

In 2021, it was confirmed that the actor would reprise his role as Juan Reyes Guerrero in the second season of “Pasión de Gavilanes.”

His other filmography includes “Mediterranean Blue,” “The Black Russian,” “Puras Joyitas,” “Rockaway,” and “The Cuban Connection.” Other telenovelas he has appeared in are “Sentimientos ajenos” (1996), “Managua” (1997), “Gente bien” (1997), “La Conexion Cubana” (1998), “La usurpadora” (1998), “La mujer de mi vida” (1998-1999), “The Beach House” (2000), “Latin Love” (2000), “Más que amor, frenesí” (2001), “Gata salvaje” (2002-2003), “El Cuerpo del Deseo” (2005-2006), “Betrayed” (2008), “Curse by the Sea” (2009-2010), “Los Herederos del Monte” (2011), and “Vuelve Temprano” (2016-2017).

Net Worth of Mario Cimarro

Mario Cimarro has earned a significant amount of money thanks to his successful acting career. His current net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million.

Relationship Status of Mario Cimarro

Mario Cimarro was previously married to Natalia Streignard, a Spanish actress who has worked in Venezuelan telenovelas for over 15 years. According to sources, they met on the set of “La Mujer de Mi Vida” and began dating in June 1998, shortly after becoming acquainted. The pair married on June 10, 1999, after a year of dating, and after seven years of living together, they divorced in 2006. On September 14, 2006, their divorce was finalized. In one of the interviews, she stated that their divorce was due to “incompatibility.”

Since 2008, Cimarro has been dating Mexican actress Vanessa Villela. They appeared in public together on a few occasions, effectively confirming their relationship. Unfortunately, they ended their romance in 2013 after dating for five years.

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Currently, he is in a relationship with Slovakian model Bronislava Gregusova (as of 2022). According to other sources, Mario Cimarro has announced that he will be a father for the first time with the Slovakian model.

Mario Cimarro’s Physical Features

There are different reports about Mario’s body measurements. In 2021, his height was reported to be 5 feet 7 inches. However, most reliable sources state that he is actually 6 feet 2 inches tall (2022). Similarly, his weight has three different reports: 66 kg in July 2021, 70 kg in April 2022, and 77 kg in other sources (n.d.). Mario Cimarro has a fair skin tone, black eyes, and black hair.

Social Media of Mario Cimarro

He is active on various social media platforms like Instagram, where he has over 1.7 million followers (www.instagram.com/mariocimarro/). On Twitter, he has over 131.8 thousand followers (https://twitter.com/mariocimarro). You can also find him on IMDb, where you can explore his filmography, TV series, and movies (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0162333/). Unfortunately, his Facebook profile is unavailable.

Favorites and Hobbies of Mario Cimarro

According to other sources (2021), he has several favorites in life. Black is his favorite color, and football is his favorite sport. He also likes fish and suits as his favorite dress. Among all the places in the world, San Francisco, Santa Catalina Island, is the most beautiful place in his eyes. Salma Hayek and Julia Roberts are his favorite actresses, and Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are his favorite actors.

Mario Cimarro’s Roles in Soap Operas

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After his roles in “Wild Cat” and “Passion of Hawks,” Mario Cimarro became one of the most popular performers of the 2000s. As a result of his outstanding performance, the Cuban actor was invited to participate in some of Televisa’s and Telemundo’s most ambitious projects. He became the most popular soap opera actor in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia due to this fantastic opportunity.

However, despite his success, he has had a problematic character that has caused conflicts with his castmates on several occasions, such as with Lorena Rojas and Anna Silvetta. Both actresses refused to work with him on the soap opera “The Body of Desire” any longer.

In 2008, Mario had another issue while working on the soap opera “Sea of Love.” He was fired in the middle of the recordings due to his lack of commitment to the job and disrespect for the actors and directors. Moreover, the producers had set aside a farm in Campeche, Mexico, to record the end of the soap opera, and all of the actors were ready to give their all to bring this love story to a close. However, Mario Cimarro never showed up, and everything had to be put on hold.

Mario’s Controversies

Ninel Conde had a terrible experience with Mario Cimarro. She claimed that the actor physically and verbally assaulted her, despite the Cuban’s claim that the scene was important for the script.

Another setback occurred when he reportedly refused to kiss Zuria Vega, his female co-star.

Cimarro revealed the reason for his abrupt exit from television, at least in the United States, on social media in early 2019. He said that Telemundo canceled him for protecting a coworker from whom the company, he claimed, was deducting a portion of his pay.

It is also reported that there were mistreatment allegations from the production team, constant lateness, and lack of respect for colleagues, which led Telemundo to terminate its contract with the artist.

In the same year, Cimarro claimed during an Instagram broadcast that he had been blacklisted by Telemundo ten years ago, which was why he had not been in a melodrama since. However, a series of articles from 2020 suggest otherwise.

Mario’s Comeback after 20 Years of “Passion of the Falcons”

The second season of Telemundo Global Studios and CMO Producciones’ Colombian series “Pasión de Gavilanes” takes place 20 years after the events of the first season, which aired in 2003.

The season was revealed at Telemundo’s upfront for the 2021-2022 television season on May 12, 2021. Danna Garcia, Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss, Paola Rey, and Zharick León star in the season, which also features Michel Brown in a guest role.

The season premiered on Telemundo on February 14, 2022. The project features a mega-series format, with 80 episodes filled with passion, thanks to cutting-edge technology and cinematographic optics.

Setbacks are a part of day-to-day living. No matter how many setbacks Mario has gone through in life, he is still not giving up on his dreams. Also, no matter what age he is, nothing can stop him from showing his skills and true colors. You have to choose to overcome setbacks. It requires a level of personal commitment and discipline. You have to wake up every day facing your setbacks and determine not to let them beat you.