Who Is Suzanne Yankovic? Everything About Her Youth, Career, Net Worth and Love Life!

Suzanne Yankovic, a well-known American figure, is a marketing executive at 20th Century Fox. Her fame skyrocketed after marrying Weird Al Yankovic, a prominent American singer and musician.

The Life and Family of Suzanne Yankovic

Suzanne Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959, and currently resides in Lynwood, California, in the United States. At the age of 63 as of 2022, she is a Scorpio. Despite her fame as Weird Al’s wife, Suzanne has managed to keep the majority of her personal details, including her parents, siblings, and educational background, a secret. However, it is known that she was devoted to Weird Al’s parents, who tragically passed away on April 9, 2004, due to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their fireplace at their Fallbrook, California, home.

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Suzanne Yankovic’s Educational Background

Suzanne received a good education, attending primary and high schools in her hometown. She later graduated from a prestigious college with a degree. During her school years, she excelled in her studies and was a proactive and committed student. However, the specific details of her higher education and degrees remain undisclosed.


After completing her higher education, Suzanne embarked on her professional journey, overcoming several obstacles on her path to recognition. Her hard work and dedication eventually paid off as she secured a position as a marketing executive at 20th Century Fox. She continues to work in this role, enjoying a comfortable salary.

Net Worth

According to a featured biography, Suzanne Yankovic has a net worth of $1 million and earns an annual salary of $131,745. Her successful career as a marketing executive at 20th Century Fox has granted her access to financial stability. However, she does not have any personal business ventures to supplement her income.

Physical Features

There is no available information regarding Suzanne’s bodily measurements, weight, or height. However, based on photographs, it can be inferred that she is a tall woman.

Social Media

Suzanne Yankovic maintains an active presence on social media platforms. She has two Instagram accounts—one private and one public—with 11.3k and 343 followers, respectively. Her Instagram profile can be found at www.instagram.com/suzanneyankovic/?hl=e. Additionally, she has a Twitter account with 7,291 followers, which can be accessed at twitter.com/suzanneyankovic?lang=en.

Controversy and Rumors

Suzanne Yankovic has gained a reputation for being free from rumors and controversies that make headlines. She actively distances herself from media attention, contributing to her rumor-free persona.

Nationality, Religion, and Ethnicity

Suzanne Yankovic is an American citizen, born and raised in the United States. She follows the Christian religion, and her ethnicity is White.

Background of Suzanne’s Husband

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Suzanne’s husband, Alfred Matthew Yankovic, is a renowned American singer, musician, and actor. He is famously known for his humorous songs that satirize contemporary culture and often parody specific songs by other musical artists. Weird Al incorporates his trademark accordion into his original songs, which are artistic pastiches of existing songs. He is also recognized for his polka medleys featuring well-known tunes.

In addition to his albums, Weird Al has produced, directed, and starred in the 1989 film “UHF” and the television series “Weird Al” (1997). He has participated in Al TV specials on MTV and lent his voice to various television series and online video productions.

Suzanne Yankovic’s Only Child

Nina Yankovic is the daughter of Weird Al Yankovic and Suzanne Yankovic. She was born on February 11, 2003, two years after their wedding. Currently 19 years old, Nina has reportedly started her first year of college. She maintains an active presence on Instagram, boasting over 800 followers. However, her private username suggests that she values her privacy.

Marriage to Weird Al

Suzanne Yankovic and Weird Al exchanged vows on February 10, 2001. They were introduced by Bull Mumy, a mutual acquaintance, in 2001. Prior to their first in-person encounter, Suzanne and Weird Al had several phone dates, which eventually led to their connection and blossoming romance.

As a power couple in the Hollywood community, Suzanne and Weird Al have maintained a strong and harmonious relationship. Suzanne was previously married to Rob Dale, with whom she shares two children, while Weird Al was previously married to Beverly Thomson. There have been no disputes or divorce rumors surrounding their relationship. As of February 2022, the three-person family resides in Los Angeles, where they purchased an opulent home that previously belonged to rapper Heavy D and writer Jack S. Margolis.

A Quirky Love Story

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When Suzanne Yankovic was introduced to Weird Al, she had reservations about him due to his stage persona. However, as they began speaking on the phone for several weeks, Weird Al’s true personality started to shine through, surprising Suzanne with his introversion, shyness, and extreme privacy. They instantly connected, and Suzanne found Al to be just as charming as she had hoped.

Their relationship progressed naturally, and they decided to get married without any preparations for a second engagement.

Weird Al’s Unique Personality

Weird Al Yankovic, as portrayed in various media outlets, has a distinct personality. Despite his career in entertainment, he refrains from using foul language or raising his voice when angry. Suzanne has tried unsuccessfully to coax him into using a curse word. Similarly, both Weird Al and Suzanne prefer to maintain a low profile and stay out of the public eye.

Weird Al’s Dietary Choices

According to Suzanne Yankovic, her husband adopted a vegetarian lifestyle in 1992 after borrowing a copy of John Robbins’s book “Diet for a New America” from his then-girlfriend. In a 2011 interview with OnMilwaukee, Suzanne clarified that Weird Al strives to be vegan but occasionally cheats. One of his weaknesses is cheese pizza, and he occasionally indulges in a slice when it’s nearby.

A Tragic Incident

In March 2018, Suzanne Yankovic made temporary headlines when she dialed 911 to report an unsettling phone call from an unidentified male. Although the caller’s words were indistinct, Suzanne felt frightened and immediately reported the incident to the police. A few days prior to the phone call, Suzanne had also spotted a man trespassing in her yard, causing her concern. The police were notified and agreed to remain vigilant for the intruder and the concerned caller, although they were not directly connected to the incidents.