The Best Game Design Podcasts for Inspiration

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If you’re a game designer or are hoping to make your first game, staying updated on the latest trends, techniques, and insights is crucial. One effective way to gain inspiration and knowledge is by listening to game design podcasts—best of all, you can do this while working! So let’s explore the top five podcasts that provide valuable insights into the world of game design.

What is Game Design?

First off, it’s worth identifying what we mean by game design.

Most commonly, game design refers to the process of conceptualizing, creating, and developing the rules, mechanics, and elements of a video game. It involves defining the objectives, challenges, and interactions that players will encounter throughout the gameplay experience. That is, it is about producing the game itself, so most discussions of game design will result in practical outcomes—this isn’t just about looking at themes and discussing your favourite game (although it related to that, too).

Game designers utilize a combination of creativity, technical skills, and knowledge of player psychology to craft engaging and enjoyable games. From designing gameplay systems and level layouts to storytelling and character development, game design encompasses a wide range of disciplines and considerations.

Why Listen to Game Design Podcasts?

Game design podcasts offer a unique opportunity for game designers, developers, and enthusiasts to gain insights, inspiration, and knowledge from industry experts and veterans. Here are a few reasons why you should consider listening to game design podcasts:

  • Learn from the Experts: 

Game design podcasts often feature interviews and discussions with experienced professionals in the gaming industry. By listening to these experts, you can gain valuable insights into their creative processes, problem-solving approaches, and strategies for creating successful games. After all, if you can hear how masters create industry-leading games like Valorant, these podcasts are shortcuts to success! Speaking of which, if you want to get a jumpstart in Valorant, you can buy a cheap Valorant smurf account.

  • Keep Up to Date with Industry Trends and Innovation: 

Game design podcasts provide a platform for discussions on the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the gaming industry. Staying informed about these developments can help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt your own game design practices to the changing landscape.

  • Get Inspiration and Ideas: 

Listening to game design podcasts can spark new ideas, inspire creative thinking, and help you overcome design challenges. Hearing stories and experiences from successful game designers can ignite your imagination and provide fresh perspectives on game development.

  • Begin Networking and Community: 

Many game design podcasts foster a sense of community by connecting like-minded individuals in the gaming industry. They often provide opportunities to interact with hosts, guests, and other listeners, allowing you to network, share ideas, and collaborate with fellow game designers.

Top 5 Game Design Podcasts

“The Game Design Round Table”:

Join Dirk Knemeyer, David Heron, and Rob Daviau in “The Game Design Round Table” podcast as they engage in lively discussions on various game design topics. From game mechanics to storytelling and industry trends, these hosts provide insightful perspectives while featuring interviews with renowned game designers and industry professionals.

“Designer Notes”:

Delve into the minds of notable game developers with Soren Johnson as your host in the “Designer Notes” podcast. Through in-depth interviews, Johnson explores the creative processes, inspirations, and challenges encountered by game developers during their journey in game development.


Get ready for an exploration of game design with Ryan Sturm and Geoff Engelstein in the “Ludology” podcast. Covering a wide range of topics, including game theory, player interaction, and mechanics, these hosts share their experiences, insights, and discussions on different game genres and design principles.

“The GameDev Business Handbook”:

Discover the business side of game development in the “GameDev Business Handbook” podcast, hosted by Mike Rose. With a focus on practical advice, tips, and discussions, this podcast covers essential topics such as marketing, monetization, and studio management, providing invaluable insights for aspiring game developers.

“Game Maker’s Notebook”:

Join Ted Price in the “Game Maker’s Notebook” podcast as he interviews leading figures in the gaming industry. From renowned game designers to CEOs of game development studios, this podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, sharing experiences, challenges, and insights that inspire and educate aspiring game designers and developers.


Listening to game design podcasts can be a valuable source of inspiration, knowledge, and industry insights for game designers and enthusiasts. The world of game design is constantly evolving, and staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and experiences of industry experts can enhance your own game design practices.

By listening to game design podcasts, you have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, gain insights into their creative processes, and stay informed about industry trends and innovations. These podcasts can spark new ideas, provide fresh perspectives, and help you overcome design challenges in your own game development journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned game designer looking for fresh inspiration or an aspiring developer seeking guidance, game design podcasts can be an excellent resource. Embrace the opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with fellow game designers, and stay at the forefront of game design trends.