Origin stories: 20 celebrities when they were still young and innocent

When you see a celebrity’s face, chances are you immediately recognize them. The Kim Kardashians and the Justin Biebers of this world are famous everywhere they go. Sometimes they must wonder how it was back when they were still anonymous. And so do we. Where are they originally from, where did they live, and what were they like as children? We went back in time and found early looks of some soon to be very famous faces. Have a look at these children, check their origins and discover how life was when the celebrities still lived in a small room back at their parents’ home.

20. Zac Efron – born in San Luis Obispo, California, United States

Zac Efron as a child

Here as a young boy, Zac is now one of the most attractive actors in this world. Father David and mother Starla always stood by him, as they saw him transform from a somewhat chubby boy to the athletic twentysomething he is now. Starring in Dirty Grandpa together with Robert De Niro, Zac Efron remains a very popular actor who cannot cross the street without being recognized.

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19. Victoria Beckham – born in Harlow, United Kingdom

Image: www.sofeminine.co.uk

Victoria’s days in anonymity were soon over once Spice Girls came off the ground and when she started dating the football star David Beckham. The now married couple are welcomed everywhere around the world and have grown into a brand themselves. Her parents Anthony and Jackie soon discovered the stardom status in their little daughter, dressing her up as a princess. Today Victoria keeps killing it, with her own fashion brand and her killer legs.

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