Origin stories: 20 celebrities when they were still young and innocent

18. Emma Watson – born in Paris, France

Image: polyvore.com

Emma looks sophisticated already, despite being at such a young age. Emma was born in France, but here origins are also very British. Who knew she would become the face of many fashion brands today? Even while being a prominent feminist for the United Nations as well? Her parents Chris and Jacqueline must be very proud of her!

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17. Kanye West – born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Image: globalgrind.com

Look at little Kanye, he’s adorable! He must have had the best childhood. His mom Donda, who Kanye misses dearly, passed away too young. His dad Ray still supports his son all the way. Even though we all know Kanye can get a little twisted at times, considering his beef with the paparazzi, his crazy opinion on every thinkable subject and his exaggerated lifestyle with Kim Kardashian.

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