Amy Askren Is Vital To Ben’s Success

The first thing that might come to your mind when you think of Ben Askren is fast blows and painful kicks. We can’t blame you. Ben has made quite an impact on the sports scene. There is a side of Ben you might not know, the family side. Ben has a lovely family that makes him tick, and the backbone of that family unit certainly has to be Amy Askren, Ben’s lovely wife. There is a lot to know about her that you wouldn’t think of at first sight!

Amy Askren and Ben

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The main reason why most people know Amy Askren might be the reason that she is married to one of the best MMA fighters of all time. One thing you might not have known is that Amy on her own is quite the full package, and we are going to be taking a huge dive into the life of Amy Askren just to understand how she manages to turn one of the toughest fighters into a family man.

Amy Askren’s Life Before The Spotlights

Right now, Amy Askren pretty much has her whole life set out. A great husband, charming kids, and enough money to do pretty much anything she would want to do. It was not always like this though, in fact, things were different in Amy’s youth.

Amy was born on the 10th of March in 1986. Her birthdays are rumored to usually be a spectacle. She manages to keep them under the wraps though, Amy’s starsign is Pisces, and if any of the character traits we have picked up from her, she is the Pisces princess. It must be quite surprising that someone as smashing handsome as Amy is already on the other side of thirty. Surely she has good genes or there is something else magical going on.

Amy Askren and her parents

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Amy Askren was born Amy Elizabeth Sarver in 1986 to parents Dan and Cathy. Both Amy’s parents were professionals, her dad Dan worked for Vemma Nutrition. This must have been the motivation behind the cooperation between Amy and her father Dan’s nutrition company Sarver Wellness Inc. The relationship between Dan and Amy is something else. Cathy has on numerous occasions stated that the two were inseparable even in Amy’s youth.

Another member of Amy’s family is her brother, Bradley. Amy and Bradley are Cathy and Dan’s only children, and they seem quite close looking at some of their posts on social media. Bradley is a little camera shy; you rarely see him in tabloids. Amy’s grandparents were also an integral part of her life. Her maternal grandmother died in 2015 after nearly 75 years of marriage to her grandfather. Amy’s parents have been married for over thirty years and this means she and Ben have big shoes to fill. Challenge accepted!

Amy Askren Was Called Thick by Jake Paul

One of the highlights of the build-up to Ben Askren and Jake Paul’s fight has to be the moment that Jake Paul called Amy “thick”. Is she all that thick though? Well, for those that have not seen a full-body picture of Amy, we are sad to tell you that Jake Paul sold you a dummy. Amy Askren does not belong to the “thick” body type. She is rather slim. Although Amy is not thick one thing everyone will agree with us on is the fact that she is quite… hot.

Amy is 1.71m tall and she weighs about 57kg. Perfection does not come easily, though; Amy has confessed to dieting and also actively exercising regularly. Jack Paul’s “thick” claims were probably misplaced, and we can agree that they did make quite an impact as pre-fight banter.

Amy Askren’s Relationship with Ben

Ben Askren is one of the most hardcore fighters that we have seen in America. There is however a tender side to this “wrestling beast” and no one brings it out as Amy does. Ben and Amy have been married for a while recently clocking a decade in wedlock.

Amy Askren and Ben Askren

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Their wedding was private and the only indication that the two had tied the knot was their posts on social media, but how exactly the wedding went down is still a mystery. The couple has been just as in love as they were when they got married if their social media posts are anything to go by. The marriage is one of the reasons why Amy is now in the limelight.

Unlike most celebrity couples that tend to put everything in the public domain, Ben and Amy take a rather different approach to their marriage. Although both of them are celebrities, they tend to keep nearly everything under the covers. That doesn’t mean their life is uninteresting though.

Amy Askren’s Kids: Alex, Andy & Ozzi

Amy Askren and her kids

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Ben and Amy have been blessed with three amazing kids. With the great shape that Amy is in though it is difficult to believe that she has given birth to three kids. She must be putting in a lot of work on her body. The amazing couple has two girls and one boy, who is the youngest. Andy and Alex have an amazing little brother with a gorgeous name: Ozzi. Opinions on the name differ: you either picture Ozzy Osbourne or you think it’s the cutest name ever.

Amy Askren’s Net Worth & Salary Details

Amy is quite a hard worker, but one thing that is not clear is how much she is individually worth. What’s clear though is that Amy and Ben have quite a family fortune. Her husband’s network is projected to be over ten million dollars. That is a lot of money and considering the paycheck after the Jake Paul fight, they are easily set for life.

Ben also has several endorsement deals and more seem to be coming his way, Amy on her own has been quite a spectacle in the limelight and we can easily project that several endorsement deals will be coming her way sooner than later. Although we do not know her exact net worth, one thing we can guarantee is that whenever Amy Askren goes to the bank she goes smiling.

While it seems Ben is responsible for most of the family’s income (he is!), Amy doesn’t sit still either. She is quite the businesswoman and has several ventures going for her.

Amy Askren and Her Business Deals

Amy Askren graduated with a degree in Finance in 2008. She has always been business savvy, and over the years, she has undertaken many business ventures. Amy has interests in real estate and her efforts in the sector have earned her over a million dollars. Amy of late has been concentrating on helping build her husband’s wrestling company, Askren Brothers Wrestling. Amy has always had an interest in sports, early on in her life she worked for Milwaukee Athletic Club. You’d almost think Amy and Ben were meant to be together, right?!

Amy Askren on Social Media

Amy is mostly active on Instagram. She has over 20,000 followers and has posted over 300 images at the time of writing. She’s not that into Facebook and Twitter as platforms, but you can follow her over there as well if you’d like. If you’re interested in keeping up with her family, her businesses and her sports activities, make sure to check out her social pages.