Wendy Moniz Is One of Hollywood’s Most Underrated Actresses

Wendy Moniz is sort of a unique phenomenon in Hollywood, in the sense that she is very uncontroversial. There is no drama or negativity surrounding her, despite her steadily growing as an actress, and she probably likes to keep it that way. What’s her secret?

Wendy Moniz

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Wendy Moniz Before She Settled in Hollywood

Wendy was born to immigrant parents, with roots in Ireland and Portugal, on January 6th in 1969. She grew up in Kansas, Missouri, in the United States, and that’s where she started out playing small roles as well. She attended Siena College in Loudonville and got her degree in both English and Theatre in 1991. Both degrees that benefit her to this day.

Wendy Moniz in Guiding Light

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Wendy has unique qualities in both her character and looks, in part because of her background as an immigrants’ daughter. This puts her in a special position in Hollywood, as her abilities suit a lot of different roles. It might also explain why she looks quite a few years younger than she truly is. She had her big breakthrough in the incredibly successful Hollywood television series Guiding Light, in which she portrayed Dinah Marler for exactly one hundred episodes.

Wendy Moniz in Guiding Light

Wendy got a part in one of the longest running television series, and that was the very first part she got in Hollywood. Talk about a head tart! She starred in CBS’ daytime soap Guiding Light from 1995 until 1999. She then took a movie role and some smaller short-term roles in television series, before returning in a big way as inspector Rachel McCabe in Nash Bridges. She solved crimes for 22 episodes, before moving on to The Guardian, in which she played Louisa ‘Lulu’ Archer. She starred for 58 episodes alongside television powerhouses like Simon Baker and Raphael Sbarge.

She went on and played in tons of television series afterwards, roles small and big. The most well-known probably are Daredevil, The Kingdom, House of Cards and Law & Order: Organized Crime. Another acclaimed role of hers is in Yellowstone, where she stars as Governor Perry for fourteen episodes, next to the likes of Kevin Costner and Wes Bentley.

Wendy Moniz on the set of Yellowstone

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It’s not blockbuster after blockbuster for Wendy’s career, but she’s managed to create a respectful portfolio with a variety of roles and performances. She’s far from done in television!

Wendy Moniz’ Body & Measurements

Wendy might appear as someone with quite a frame on television, but that’s just the magic of television getting to you. She is just about five feet tall and she weighs around 52 kilograms. We can only commend her for staying in such great shape over decades of work.

Wendy has brown eyes and dark brown eyes which, combined with her gorgeous physique, make her one of the most attractive women on television of her age. We surely hope television producers keep recognizing that as well, but her acting abilities speak for themselves as far as we are concerned.

Wendy Moniz with her kids

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Wendy Moniz’ Dating and Relationships

As it often goes in Hollywood, Wendy’s personal life has been quite the ride. She got married to David Birsner fresh out of college in 1991. It did not last however, and the couple divorced in 1995 for reasons unknown. To this day, the two former lovebirds have nothing but positive things to say about each other.

Wendy Moniz with Frank Grillo

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Wendy halted her dating life for some while, before falling head over heels in love with Guiding Light co-star Frank Grillo. You might know Frank from Prison Break, The Purge or Captain America. They got married in October 2000, and they remained so for almost two decades. That’s close to twenty years, which is nothing to sneeze at in the turbulent life of Hollywood. However, things did come to an end in September 2020, again for reasons unknown. The former couple has two sons together, Liam and Rio. They look very charming and they are a regular feature on Wendy Moniz’ Instagram.

Wendy Moniz and Frank Grillo with their two sons

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Wendy Moniz’ Net Worth

Wendy has worked tremendously hard to get where she is right now, and that’s rightfully so reflecting in her bank account as well. She will probably never be one of the richest women in Hollywood, but she is worth a respectable and comfortable $5 million. As salaries in television remain quite high, and she is recognizable face, she’s sure to keep penning excellent deals for herself.

Wendy Moniz in House of Cards

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Wendy Moniz on Social Media

Wendy is not a particular active person on social media. She has been active on Instagram though, posting quite a few personal photos. Stay up to date with her life and join over 11,000 other followers at @wendy_moniz_grillo.