Brittany Venti Once Had Her Nudes Leaked And More Twitch Stories

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On 21-9-1997, one of the funniest and most emotional streamers, Brittany Venti, was born in the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she currently lives in New York. Her fans mock her appearance, behaviour, and even her use of language. People who watch her videos for the first time often think: “What did I just watch?” Let’s see how Brittany got to her infamous status!

What Has She Done to Become Famous?

Brittany belongs to Generation Z, which is prone to the use of technologies and the Internet from a very young age. Her parents gave her this opportunity, yet Brittany never openly spoke about them. It was Generation Z who started making money on YouTube and Twitch. Venti became one of them. She quickly grasped all the trends of the 21st century and realised that streaming was going to be big business. Maybe she was inspired by PewDiePie or other YouTubers and before deciding to try out gaming. This all happened in 2014.

A streamer called Lollipop Ninja appeared on Twitch, which is currently the top live streaming platform for gamers in the world. Back in 2014, Twitch, along with our future star Brittany Venti, was gaining more and more followers. She has been wearing this “white-emotional-Kawaii-girl” image since then. She came up with her surname “Venti” in the following years. She apparently is a coffee lover since her name was inspired by the well known Starbucks cup sizes. Starbucks haven’t sued her for copyright violations yet!

To be blunt, Brittany has always been a weird one. She seems to be a good actress because people can’t stop noticing her fake anger, tears, laughing, shock, amusement, and other emotions. Brittany hates memes and overreacts to racist, anti-feminist, or pornographic comments. Maybe you’re thinking: “My Gosh, poor girl! I’d be outraged as well if I were her”. Twitch can be a cruel and very honest place, where stuff likes this happens all the time. Brittany often gets triggered by memes. She unconsciously or intentionally (who knows) makes mistakes in words like an anxiety attack (anxious attack, according to Brittany), triangles, and memes.

Why is she still there if all of these people damage her mental health so much? For fans, for money, for fun? Who knows? It’s up to her of course. On top of that, she often gets raided by various forums. A raid happens when a streamer sends his or her viewers to another channel to increase the other channels’ viewers. 4chan was like a sugar daddy for Brittany. This website made her’s popularity skyrocket!

Now Britanny’s net worth is estimated at $100,000. Not bad for a person who makes a living playing games. Word on the street is that her YouTube channel doesn’t bring in that much. Only one of her videos on YouTube got over 1 million views.

How Brittany’s Boyfriend Stole Her Followers

Once upon a time, Brittany had a boyfriend. His name was Mason Saga. She gave him a funny nickname: “Ginger”, to show her love and warmth of heart. They lived together and he often appeared on her streams. However, their happily-ever-after lasted for 10 months. Not bad at all for a 21st-century-relationship.

They seemed to be an average streamer couple. However, Brittany started noticing that her live streams weren’t as successful as they had been. The male audience felt that their online crush was already taken, and they switched to other single female streamers. Mason also tried filming his own videos, but this wasn’t very successful. Fans of Brittany always joked that “Ginger” was enslaved by Brittany. He often brought her drinks and ran other errands while she was doing nothing. Maybe this was their way of a healthy relationship, but it felt a bit staged and Brittany-centered at the time.

After they broke up, she didn’t have other boyfriends. Or she is very good at hiding them from the public after the first unsuccessful relationship. The girl is now actively filming videos for YouTube. An interesting detail here is that she’s now hiding the number of subscribers. That’s not something people with a lot of subscribers usually do…

Brittany Venti: Banned, Arrested & Leaked Nudes

In 2015, Brittany’s channel was at its peak. 4chan posted a video of her on YouTube and it hit 200,000 views incredibly fast. She became the rising star among streamers. That same year, in June, she suddenly got banned from Twitch. The platform that was her home suddenly was off limits. Reportedly, Brittany got banned for displaying pornographic, racist, and suggestive content. This mostly happened because haters of her channel would post content that would be flagged. Two years later, in July 2017, Twitch was kind enough to restore her channel. Although she was probably incredibly thankful and relieved, her viewership numbers would never return to the heights she set in 2015. If we skip a little in time, we’ll see that she got banned from Twitch again, on the 3rd of April 2018! This time, it was related to the shooter at the YouTube headquarters. This tragic story happened the same day when Brittany was banned, but details are unknown. A rocky relationship that, between her and Twitch!

Now, about her arrest. She got arrested in 2017 on Labor Day. A 19-year-old Brittany Venti was arrested during a demonstration. She was perceived to be an “alt-right” social media provocateur. During the clash between the alt-right and left-wing activists people got injured, and the police started grabbing anyone they could. Brittany was among them.

To explain how Brittany’s nudes got leaked, we need to jump back to the Spring of 2015. She was a top player of Grand Theft Auto V. Another one of those infamous Twitch raids made her angry and she threw a tantrum. She made up a story where she told everyone that she had sent her nudes to her followers. She was tired of spam and thought that this would solve this problem. However, this made even more people raid her streams than before. Thus, the nudes made her even more popular. It looks to be a classic campaign to gain more followers. That’s all. However, look and you will find.

How Brittany Uses Social Media


First of all, go to YouTube. Type in “Brittany Venti” and enjoy the latest content she produced. Her masterpieces tell you about her cat, broken laptops, how coronavirus influenced the porn industry, and female fertility. Although she only has 340 videos now, she seems to post them several times a month. By the way, Brittany has almost hit 19 million views in total. Massive numbers!

She also has an account on Instagram. She is not verified, so don’t confuse her real account @brittanywears with any of her fan accounts. TikTok users have also greeted Brittany. Her videos with cats are especially fun to watch. Her nickname on TikTok is @brittany_venti.