Cara Kokenes Makes Sure Her Body Is Fit And Healthy At All Times

Cara Kokenes is one happy woman

Cara Kokenes has a talent for a lot of things: she won the 2006 Ms. Universe championship, she graduated a master’s degree graduate, she worked in various positions at IBM, and she is one of the most recognized faces in the United States as a fitness personality. That’s pretty impressive to begin with, but let’s get to know this empowering woman a little better.

Cara Kokenes is happily married

Despite all of her achievements on her own, Cara is most famous for being the wife of Christopher Knight. He is a well-known comedian, actor, and businessman. The fame of Cara’s husband began when he was still an eleven-year-old kid by being cast in the iconic TV show The Brady Bunch. Because it was one of the most-watched shows in the world, he has been popular and recognized by most of the masses for almost five decades now. Despite having been married four times and divorced three times, with Cara being his fourth wife, both Christopher and Cara have been happily married since 2016.

Cara’s compatibility with her husband

Cara Kokenes is happy with husband Christopher Knight

No wonder that Cara’s marriage life has lasted for over four years now – Cara Kokenes and Christopher Knight have great compatibility, even the initials of their first and last names are alike. They refer to each other as CK1, and CK2. Cara’s husband even posted a birthday message for Cara on his Facebook account last October 7, 2020, while using the initials CK1 to refer to himself.

They love going out together on special occasions and vacations, whether they may be birthdays or anniversaries. It is cited that both of them are more than five feet tall, with Cara being 5’6” and Christopher being 5’9”. The duo are also millionaires of their own, with Care reportedly having a net worth of $1,000,000, while Christopher sits on a measly $15,000,000. In their eight years of knowing each other, and four years of being married, there has not been any news as to whether they had any conflicts. Keep that up!

Cara Kokenes on social media

Cara Kokenes, now called Cara Kokenes Knight, is not very publicly active on a lot of social media accounts. Her Instagram account’s first post is from May of 2018, and the last one from June of 2019. There are only a very few posts posted on the account. However, her Facebook account seems to be active. From there, she posts mostly about her life, especially about her married life with Christopher Knight.

Even though their wedding is said to be a recent affair, as claimed by some sources, the couple has been acquaintances for eight years now. According to one of her Facebook posts, her wedding with him occurred on the 5th of November 2016, despite having media privacy before. It is also cited that it took place on a yacht in the middle of Lake Michigan. Moreover, no news was given out publicly regarding any pregnancy expectations, even after four years of marriage.

It has been cited that Cara has no kids with her husband. This has been Cara’s first marriage, and a long one too, fortunately. She was also private about her parents’ and siblings’ life before, but she seems to be currently posting some stuff regarding them on her Facebook account. It is nice to know that she seems to be living a happy, balanced life with all of her family, friends and loved ones. Both her Instagram and Facebook social media accounts are named as Cara Kokenes Knight.

Cara Kokenes’ childhood

Cara Kokenes was born on the 6th of October, 1975, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is of American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. In 1993, Cara Kokenes graduated from Nazareth Academy High School, a Catholic, private, fully accredited college preparatory school for young women, located in Rochester, New York. Cara was a shy, geeky intellectual growing up. So how did this nerdy girl turn into the woman she is now?

First of all, she earned two bachelor’s degrees, namely, a BS in Exercise Physiology, and a BA in Psychology at Miami University in Florida. She also finished a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology, with having specialization in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Back in the days, Cara was also a gymnast, having grabbed two national titles for uneven bars and for vault. Her fitness journey began while studying at the university. She then worked in numerous positions at different companies after that, which will be discussed below. Cara lived a normal life while growing up. All that, while still retaining her passion for her true love: fitness.

Beauty? Check.

Brain? Check.

And that’s where her fitness journey and the road to a net worth of $1,000,000 continue.

Cara prioritises staying fit and healthy over everything else

Cara Kokenes shows off her fitness body

Cara Kokenes gained national and international titles from her fitness journey. Having attained a fourth place in Ms. Fitness World 2007, a former Ms. Fitness USA and Executive Director of Miss Chicago, a host and judge in ABA/INBA America’s Cup and ABA/INBA North American Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, she became a renowned fitness beauty.

More of her achievements include titles of Ms. Fitness Legacy 2005 Champion, Fitness America Pageant Chicago Regional Champion, Fitness America Pageant ESPN Series Champion, Fitness America Pageant National Finalist 2000-2004, and Varsity Fitness National Champion.

She also owns the fitness website It is a site where she gives knowledge on health and fitness, including diet and weight loss tips, and a list of supplements. Her fitness achievements and competitions, contact email info, and photos can also be viewed on the site. It is stated there that she values cardio movements in her own exercise programs, and is committed to 5 to 6 cardio workouts per week. It is claimed that Cara’s body weight ranges from 55 to 60 kilograms. Staying physically fit and healthy is just her way of life.

The career of Cara Kokenes

From joining and winning pageants to being a trainer, being a fitness expert is not the only thing that she is great at. Cara also has a good profile in the sales business. According to her LinkedIn account, she initially started working as a Data Solutions Specialist at Optimus Solutions from 2000 to 2005. From 2005, she worked as a Power Systems Sales Specialist for six years at IBM Corporation (International Business Machines Corporation). IBM is a well-known American multinational technology and consulting company. In 2011, she was then promoted as an IBM North America Software Partner Representative. After four years, she was a Channel Manager at Arrow Electronics.

Cara Kokenes’ work with her husband

Starting from October 2019, she has been working as a General Manager at Christopher Knight Brands. Christopher Knight Brands is the business owned by Christopher himself since 2012. It is an online business about selling lifestyle products. The products involve two types of collections – the Christopher Knight Home Collection, and the Christopher Knight Collection, with both collections unique in its own way. The first collection is an indoor and outdoor home furniture brand designed by lots of talented designers. The latter collection is an extension of his brand, composed of curated, fashion-forward products, including bedding, table top, and glassware.

Cara Kokenes’ success in career and in love is a great inspiration for everyone, especially for women. Passion in something one loves should not be mistreated, but pursued. Strive hard for the things that make you happy and content, just like how Cara Kokenes continued her passion for fitness.