Christina Evangeline & Kenan Thompson Are The Actual Perfect Role Models For Aspiring Parents

Christina Evangeline with her kid

It’s quite a beautiful scene when a superstar marries another superstar. It is the case for Christina Evangeline, the wife of superstar comedian Kenan Thompson. The best thing about the couple is that they excel in all their fields, and it makes them the celebrity couple we all wish to see.

Christina Evangeline, before the Limelight

Christina Evangeline was born in 1989 in Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be precise. The Canadian-born model has maintained her privacy very well, and there is very little information available in terms of her education and childhood. Yet, some sources claim that she was very athletic, especially in high school. Looking at her body, you can easily give in and agree with the sources.

The issue of her parents and siblings is pretty obscure just like her education and childhood. We can confirm, though, that she has siblings. But it’s still not yet verified how many of them. If there is anyone that can keep their life under the wraps, it is Christina Evangeline. All we can do is hope that she opens up more sooner or later.

Christina’s Claim to Fame

Christina Evangeline is quite well-known, and she has pulled all the right strings to get there. One of the main factors that cemented Christina’s celebrity status is her marriage to comedy superstar Kenan Thompson. Her marriage to the Saturday Night Live star in 2011 was her stepping stone to super celebrity status, and she has managed to use her status for the greater good of humanity, which is amazing. Before her marriage to the SNL star, Christina was already making some major moves in the modeling scene. Although she did not win any prominent pageants, she manages to grace some magazine covers, and after her marriage to Kenan Thompson, she has been making headlines for good reasons, of course.

Besides being a model, Christina has also made appearances in different on-screen productions. In the series Mini Supreme, she starred alongside some big names in the movie industry, which include Bella Stardust and Joan Mankin. Christina played so well that it set her up for even bigger roles. Christina eventually ended her relationship with the movie industry, though, claiming she wanted to focus more on raising her two daughters and her charity work.

Christina & Charity

Christina Evangeline looking pretty as usual

One of the things Christina is known for, besides her acting, is charity. This one part of her life, the media-shy bombshell is comfortable sharing, and it might be because, like most of the things in her life, she does it so well. Christina Evangeline has been involved in charity work from a very young age. She has spearheaded countless charity campaigns that have changed people’s lives all over the world.

She has worked with The Christiana Rivera Foundation that is there to help in finding a cure for a health condition known as a pontine glioma. This disease is aggressive and results in a very difficult to treat brain tumor in areas at the base of the brain.

The campaign has managed to raise a significant amount of money, thanks partly to influential names like Christina Evangeline.

Christina has also worked with international charity organizations, which include the American Refuge Committee. The organization seeks to help out refugees by imparting them with different skills. The organization has been doing this for 40 years, and we can surely say they have been doing quite a great job.

Christina also has her charity foundation, which is named Evermore. The foundation was launched with the help of her friends Michele and Jack, who are therapists. They host dinner parties, and their main aim is to help those who have lost loved ones to heal, recover, and be able to meet new people. These parties are not pity parties, rather, they are a platform for people to connect and help heartbroken ones. The idea came up when Christina lost a loved one, and after going through the grief, she decided to give birth to Evermore to help those that might be going through what she went through.

Chistina’s Family

Christina Evangeline with her little baby daughter

Being married to a megastar is not an easy task, but Christina and Kenan seem to have found the perfect formula. The lovebirds have been married since 2011, and if their posts on social media are anything to go by, they seem to be quite a happy family.

The couple has been blessed with two daughters, the first being born in 2014. Their first daughter is named Georgia Marie Thompson. In 2008, the two lovebirds got their second daughter, named Gianna Michelle Thompson. The two daughters are adorable. Kenan and Christina plan to raise them in a godly way. They live in their private residence in Florida.

Christina’s Hobbies

Christina is an avid travel enthusiast. She has been spending holidays in places like Disneyland, Canada, and romantic Italy. She regularly takes time off to travel with her family, and she seems to enjoy her time away from home and says that London is her favorite travel destination. Besides traveling, Christina is also good at photo- and videography. She often posts her photos, and we can’t help but drools over how good they are. Christina is also passionate about interior design and uses it to channel her love for pink.

Christina enjoys Chinese food a lot; she has always buzzed about it in interviews. In terms of actors, she has a soft spot for Johnny Depp and the beautiful Jennifer Aniston.

Christina’s Wealth

Starring in TV shows Mini Supreme comes with a hefty paycheck, and Christina’s bank account agrees. Christina is rumored to be worth a whopping $910 000. It coupled up with her husband’s 9 million dollars’ worth makes her quite a wealthy young lady.

Christina & Controversy

Christina is one celebrity that is controversy shy. She is rarely in trouble, and the times she is on tabloid headlines, it is usually for good reasons. There have been rumors, though, that Christina was once an escort. Christina has never addressed these rumors, and it seems she is going to remain mum on the subject.

Social Media Presence

Christina is active on Instagram; she is regularly posting pictures of herself and her friends on the platform. She is quite prominent on Instagram with over 13 000 followers. She has also been using the platform over the years for her charity work. We believe it has been quite a charm for her. Christina is not that active on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.