Elisa Gayle Ritter Helped Jumpstart The Careers of a Couple Artists You Definitely Know

Elisa Gayle Ritter
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If you look for information on Elisa Gayle Ritter online, chances are half the pictures you will get are not hers. In most instances, the pictures that show up are those of Reba McEntire. We will be discussing the Reba McEntire and Elisa Ritter connection, but first, let’s get a glimpse at Elisa Gayle Ritter’s past.

The Early Life of Elisa Gayle Ritter

Elisa Gayle Ritter is famed for being one of the top female Yankee producers. Born in 1956 on January the 6th, Elisa has seen quite a lot in the entertainment industry. She has managed to bag a lot of respect along the way. Lisa, as some of her friends call her, has been one of the most hardworking celebrities from an early age.

There is not much information available about her education. There has been speculation that she did her High School in Texas. There is not much proof about this statement, however. Her shrewd sense of privacy is best exhibited by the fact that there is not much information on her youth. We can only hope that she opens up more and manages to show us a glimpse into her life before she became famous.

Elisa Gayle Ritter’s Looks

Standing at about 5 feet height, Elisa has distinct blue eyes that make her a pick for showbiz. Her image is pretty much flawless. She has managed to maintain her body, and you would never guess that she was born in the 50s. Something something aging like fine wine.

Elisa’s Claim to Fame

Elisa’s claim to fame was surprisingly not her image. The immensely talented Texas-born versatile star has a dozen talents. She is a top producer. And during the peak of her marriage, she used to also assist her producer husband.

Elisa has done television production for decades. She has brought to life some of the most iconic shows on TV. Besides, she has also managed to bag a dozen of awards in her production career. Another thing that also sprouted her career is the marriage to Narvel Blackstock, who is a producer as well. The best part about their marriage was that they were both active in television production. Elisa helped Narvel in most of his production work. And it has been one of her sources of knowledge that has managed to propel her in her own career. Although she has not won any notable award, with the experience she has, we can safely say her future is bright.

Elisa Managed Superstars Like Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton

As a talent manager, Elisa has managed and assisted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. It can also be attributed to her marriage to Narvel. He was a music manager from far back, and when he started, they were somewhat of a tag team. Some of the artists that Narvel and Elisa managed include Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. These are huge names in the industry, and they have managed to boost Elisa’s resume.

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Talent management is one of the hardest jobs in the entertainment industry. Things were relatively tougher for women when Elisa joined the industry. She was one of the female pioneers in the talent management industry. That is a really big notch on her belt and something she can brag about forever.

It seems Elisa is having a perfect career; can we say the same about her love life? Well, that is what we will be talking about next.

Elisa’s Love Life and Relationships

Elisa Gayle Ritter with her then husband
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Being married to one of the biggest players in the television production business is never going to be an easy deal. Elisa managed to do that but not exactly in the way most people would want it. Elisa and Narvel Blackstock got married in March 1973 after dating for some years. When their relationship started, Narvel had not been getting the big buck yet. They had to do some odd jobs to get by.

The success did not take time to come through, but they had to work extra hard to get it. Their marriage in its early days did not have that much bliss. And it might have contributed to their divorce. Yes, they eventually broke up, unfortunately.

The Divorce of Elisa and Narvel

Brandon Blackstock with Kelly Clarkson
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In 1988, the seemingly perfect entertainment couple broke up. The divorce made huge shockwaves in the entertainment industry. The reason for the divorce was never mentioned in public, but speculation had to do with the strain of having to struggle through a lot in the early days of the marriage. The divorce could probably be the cleanest divorce we have seen. There was no bad-mouthing, and there was very little detail that got out. Just a respectfully parting of ways.

The couple divorced, yet they have three kids. One of their children, Brandon, later went on to marry Kelly Clarkson. It has kept him in the spotlight and made him the most famous of the Blackstock kids. The other two kids are Celeste Blackstock and Shawna Blackstock. Although sought after as well, they try to shy away from the media as much as they can.

Elisa has also become a grandmother. It is one of the things she has said to love about her life. Elisa has two grandchildren from Brandon’s marriage to Kelly Clarkson and two more – from Brandon’s previous marriage.

Finding New Love After The Divorce

After divorcing Narvel in 1988, Elisa later got married to Daniel Gilbert. Their wedding was a low-profile party with only close family and friends invited. Things seem to be looking up for the couple who try to keep as far away as possible from the paparazzi.

Elisa Is Very Often Mistaken For Someone Else

One of the craziest facts about Elisa Ritter is that there is also another famous star who looks exactly like her. Reba McEntire and Elisa Gayle Ritter pretty much look like the same person. Their striking resemblance made a lot of noise on social media a while ago. Most people were shocked to find out that they were not the same person.

One thing that makes the whole story a bit crazier is that both Elisa and Reba were married to the same man at different points. Yes, both Reba and Elisa were once married to Narvel. It is one thing that has made social media go crazy, and, well, it is quite a coincidence. The “Narvel connection”, as social media users now call it, might be the reason why Reba McEntire’s pictures appear when you search for Elisa Gayle Ritter.

Is Elisa On Social Media?

No. There is very little to be found about Elisa on social media platforms. She prefers to direct her energy on staying physically active. There are several fan pages of Elisa, and they have a number of followers, especially on Facebook. But there are no official Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts that are run by Elisa Gayle Ritter. If anything pops up, claiming to be officially run by Elisa or her management, it is probably fake. If you want to keep up with Elisa, though, the social media fan pages will do a pretty good job though.

Elisa Gayle Ritter Net Worth

After an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, it is no surprise that Elisa has made quite a chunk of wealth for herself. There is no accurate estimate of Elisa’s wealth, but most sources suggest that her worth is upwards of $10 million. That is a lot of money and just enough to afford her the best luxuries out there. She is not known to be one to splurge, though, or at least we rarely see her flaunt her wealth. Just Elisa being her humble and decent self and we love her for it.