Elisa Pugliese Isn’t Your Typical ‘Wife Of A Celebrity’ (AT ALL)

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Elisa Pugliese is now famous for her great producer’s work on “This American Journey”, “Boy Meets Girl”, “August”, “American Teen”, and “Fair Game”. Elisa didn’t stop at producing but also tried herself in acting and film-directing.

The films “School of Rock”, “Montana”, “The agency”, “The Cake Eaters” and “The Junior Defenders” let her demonstrate her acting skills, while the world would never see the dating comedy “Better Off Single” without her directing work. And she started as a make-up artist. What a wonderful woman!

What about Her Early Life?

Elisa was born on 2 April 1971 in a most likely middle-class American family. She has never publicly spoken about her relatives, family, and childhood, so there’s little we know about it.

The Bronx district of New York City was her childhood home where she made her first steps, went to school, and started dreaming of the showbiz. She couldn’t even imagine that by the age of 50, she would have been happily married to a famous American comedy actor and accomplished most of her career goals.

After she graduated from school, she attended Syracuse University. Currently, this educational facility is about to join Ivy League schools. In 2019, it was one of the most expensive colleges in the US with an average attendance cost of $70,000 a year.

The doors to the show business opened for her when she started working as a make-up artist on the set of “Snow Queen”. But Elisa didn’t work in the beauty niche for long. She had another passion. She wanted to become a self-made director, producer, and actress.

Is Elisa a Political Activist?

Twitter is the most powerful Elisa’s weapon against racism and sexism in the United States. She attended the protests against US President Trump’s policies about immigrants in 2017. After Trump took over the reins of the States in 2016, the country stopped giving political asylum to refugees and providing home for immigrants.

In 2016, the situation was okay, and the US admitted 1.18 million people. Everything changed in 2017 when only 1.12 million people got home in America. Americans, along with Elisa Pugliese and Keegan-Michael Key, took part in protests and posted a hashtag #notmypresident on social media.

But not only political issues are the main concern of Elisa. She is known to support the victims of sexual abuse, harassment, and assault. The movement “Me Too” became the main means for people to share their stories and speak up about these horrifying things in their life.

Working in the film industry, Elisa has frequently faced sexism and underestimation of women. She gave a speech on the Embrace Ambition summit conducted by the Tory Burch Foundation in 2018. The topic of the summit was “Confronting Stereotypes and Creating New Norms”.

Elisa was speaking on how male colleagues had been credited for her ideas and how she hadn’t been invited to cast and crew dinners because it had been forbidden to bring wives. Nevertheless, she wanted to pursue her career and wrote a Hollywood movie script. To ensure the success of the script, she said that it was written by Frank Saladino, a name she had come up with.

Ironically, people even started making up stories about the writer Frank. Somebody remembered how they had heard his name or seen him working with Tom Fontana. It was hilarious and sad at the same time. But, after a while, Elisa met Michael Key and sent him this script. She admitted that she had written it. Key loved the script even though it was a woman’s work. He decided to cooperate with Elisa further. Her life changed once and for all.

Source: instagram.com/the_elle_key

How To Marry A Hollywood Actor In Your Late 40s? Ask Elisa!

After discussing the script, the two found out that they were into each other. Before Michael, Elisa had never walked down the aisle and called someone a husband.

Key had been married before he met Elisa. His ex-wife Cynthia Blaise is 14 years older than him. They officially separated in 2015 and divorced in 2017. Keegan seemed to be happy to become free after the almost 20-year marriage. On the other hand, he moved on pretty quickly when he met his beautiful Elisa.

After a few months of romantic dates, peaceful walks, and delicious dinners for two, Elisa and Key got engaged. In June 2018, they finally got married in their New York house with family and friends. They didn’t make a festival out of their wedding but kept it cozy, warm, and surrounded by the nearest and dearest ones.

Both Key and Pugliese don’t have children. No one knows if the couple is planning to have kids in the future. Both are almost in their 50s and seem pretty happy. They are focused on their careers, spending most of the time at work.

They are together in the industry and perfectly balance work and love life. At home, they are loving spouses. But as soon as they shut the door of their house, the two become business partners and colleagues.

Elisa’s Huge Passion For Sports And Travel

Source: instagram.com/the_elle_key

Of course, family, career and professional growth are everything for Elisa. But we all love to give it all a rest and unwind sometimes. Elisa has her methods to fight stress and find inspiration.

Together with Key, she attends sports games. Football is their absolute favourite, but they also like other sports such as wrestling. On Twitter, Elisa posted how they visited the games of Detroit Lions, Manchester United, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, and many others.

The couple also attended the WrestleMania, which was the 35th wrestling show in New Jersey. Elisa posted a video of her husband shaking hands with John Cena, a famous American wrestler. This way, the couple wanted to support their close friend and wish him luck!

They love to be in the loop 24/7. They often travel across the US – Los Angeles, Last Vegas, New York City, Miami – you name it. The Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party was happy to greet these two as honoured guests in February 2020. They also attended the Miami Lady Gaga concert in February and seemed to enjoy this crazy show.

What Social Networks Does Elisa Use?

You’re not likely to find her on Instagram if you type Elisa Pugliese. You’d think she only appears on Twitter from time to time unless you find @keeganmichaelkey account and their photos together. He tags her, and this way, you can find her Instagram account – @the_elle_key.

Elisa has 5K followers and posts photos of her relatives, herself, her husband, and other stuff several times a month. She updated her Twitter account @TheElleKey on 19 December 2019 at the time of writing this article, so don’t expect regular content from Elisa there.

She doesn’t care much about publicity. She seems to be completely into work. On Facebook, her husband does the posting work for both of them. He duplicates his Instagram posts or mentions her whenever Keegan has some news relating to their family.

He never forgets to congratulate Elisa on her birthday or send thousands of kisses on Saint Valentine’s Day. Keegan adores his beloved Elisa and praises her appearance, spirit and soul whenever he can. And so should we.