Ibrahim Chappelle Might Be Funnier Than His Famous Dad

Ibrahim Chappelle with his dad Dave Chappelle
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Ibrahim Chappelle is the second and last son of the comedy icon, Dave Chappelle. Ibrahim was born in 2003 and is currently 17 years old. He lives in Yellow Springs on a farm close to Ohio. He has two siblings. Ibrahim’s father is one of the greatest stand-up comics in the United States who has been in the business for over 30 years.

Dave Chappelle started doing stand-up when he was just a teenager, and from then, he has soured to be one of the best comedy acts of the modern era. He has won awards like three Grammy awards for the best Comedy album, four Emmys, and a Mark Twain award for American Humor, among many others.

From what is known, Ibrahim has yet to decide which career to delve into. However, his brother Sulayman is said by his father to be a poet. In one of his stand up acts, Dave Chappelle mentioned that his first son wrote some good poetry and that he was also smoking weed. His little sister Sanna is expected to follow her father’s footsteps in comedy and acting and already has some work in her name.

Ibrahim and his siblings both have Arabic names, owing to their father’s Islamic faith, which he converted to in 1991 before they were born. Ibrahim’s name comes from the name of the religious patron Abraham, and his brother’s name is the Islamic version of Solomon. His sister Sonal Chappelle, her name means gold. Sonal appeared once in one of his comedy sketches about elections. Other than this, Ibrahim and his siblings have managed to be out of the public eye for a long time.

Ibrahim comes from a diverse family, with his parents having different backgrounds. His father is a devout Muslim, and that explains their names. His mother Elaine is a Christian of Filipino background. Regardless of this difference, their marriage has stood the test of time. The couple has been married for about 19 years as of 2020, which is a great milestone, considering Dave Chappelle’s industry track record.

Ibrahim goes to a private school, and his brother goes to a public school in Yellow Springs. In another reference to his family in one of his shows, his father said that he wanted to see how he would turn out. What is clear is that Dave Chappelle has successfully shielded his children away from the world and paparazzi and has managed to make them live uninterrupted lives. Dave favors Yellow Springs peaceful environment, he has reported that the people of Yellow Springs are the best neighbors, and that is why he has intended to stay.

Ibrahim and his siblings do not have any known social media accounts. That shows how successful their father has been in shielding them from the stress of fame. His father is in touch with the world and his fans through his work and social media. He occasionally speaks about his family in his shows. Recently, he made a 20-million-dollar deal with Netflix for a collection of 5 comedy specials, marking a debut after a long hiatus.

Ibrahim Chappelle with his family
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Ibrahim is lucky to have been born in such a happy family with rich and caring parents. His father is a successful comedian with a net worth of about 50 million dollars as of 2020. Dave has acquired wealth and fame through his illustrious comedy career, which has been added by the appearances he has made in some popular movies. He starred in a Star Is Born along with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Dave was also in Eddy Murphy’s 1996 hit movie, The Nutty Professor. If Ibrahim decides to get into showbiz, he will have big shoes to fill.

Ibrahim’s father is mostly known for being a comedian, producer, and writer. His stand-up specials include Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly, Dave Chappelle: For What it’s worth with Showtime as well as the most recent ones with Netflix, namely Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Equanimity, The Bird Revelation, Sticks and Stones, among many others.

Ibrahim’s father Dave Chapelle started his career at a young age, being featured in America’s funniest people at the age of just 17 years, which is around the same age as his son Ibrahim now. It was shortly before he moved to New York to pursue his career as a comedian, which gradually rose to the comedy worldwide phenomenon he is today. Ibrahim’s father was not at all deterred by several occasions of bombing and being booed off the stage but kept on working hard.

From 2003, Ibrahim’s father had his iconic comedy sketch series, called Chappelle’s show. He touched on several subjects, primarily in American cultures, such as race relations, human sexuality, politics, and racial stereotypes. He then quit during the third season after he said the show was ruining his life and highlighted a myriad of ethical concerns. The result was, therefore, more time with his wife Elaine and children Sulayman, Ibrahim, and Sonal.

Ibrahim comes from a long family line of phenomenal people. Though his father is a world-class comedian, other members of his family are also special in their own rights. His grandfather, Dave Chappelle’s father, named William David Chappelle, was a professor at Antioch College in Yellow Springs. His wife Yvonne Reed was a professor at Prince George’s Community College and also worked for Patrice Lumumba.

His great-great-grandfather, William David Chappelle, was a famed Methodist Bishop, who was born in enslavement in South Carolina and led a delegation of African Americans that met President Woodrow Wilson, protesting the anti-black campaigns that were taking place during the great migration. His maternal great-great-grandfather, Robert J Palmer, was in the South Carolina Legislature during the Reconstruction. Another of his family members, William David Chappelle Jr, is known for having established a small hospital and surgery practice in South Carolina as many African Americans were denied to get decent healthcare. Ibrahim comes from a long line of active individuals indeed.

Volunteer Work

Ibrahim Chappelle in shorts
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Though Ibrahim is not known to be doing some volunteer work, his father helped Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine. It is a peace based organization that brings together youths leading communities in conflict.

Religious Orientation

Ibrahim, along with his father and siblings, is a Muslim. His father converted to Islam in 1991 and has remained a devout and motivated Muslim ever since then. He said to the Times: “I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is beautiful if you learn it the right way”. Ibrahim’s mother Elaine is a Christian.


Ibrahim Chappelle remains an object of public awe because of his father’s fame and popularity. The teenager, though having been safely raised away from media attention, still sparks the interest of the media. There is a tremendous amount of faith in him that he will grow up to be a special person.