Jean Currivan Trebek: This is how Jean Tries to Make the World a Better Place

Jean Currivan Trebek mother

Jean Currivan Trebek is an exemplary mother of two and a successful real estate manager with a net worth of $5 million. She is happily married to Alex Trebek, Jeopardy!’s most famous host. Besides, she has accumulated lots of wisdom throughout her lifetime (keep reading!). But is this all just an ideal image of success or is Jean a true jewel among modern representatives of the American elite?

Jean Never Takes Anything for Granted

Jean was born on 3 September 1963 in Huntington. She has never revealed much information about herself and tends to keep the early years of her life private. What we do know is that she attended Harbourfields High School and graduated in 1992. Jean is an assignment project supervisor in a real estate agency in New York City as we speak. She has dedicated herself to work completely, so it would be unfair to say that she has earned this hell of a life through marriage only!

Jean never takes her job for granted or as a burden. For her, it’s a source of power and will to live. In addition to that, a great part of Jean’s income comes from her advertisers and sponsors, the sum is estimated at around $80,000.

Huge Age Difference between the Lovebirds Proves No Big Deal

Jean Currivan Trebek husband

A couple with the age difference of 24 years, Alex and Jean have a romantic and touching love story to tell. The two met at a party in 1998. Right away, there was something special about their connection. Two years later they got married. They had a celebration ceremony with 150 guests.

As Jean admitted later on, she was extremely nervous when her future husband proposed to her since she was afraid of mispronouncing her name! Other essential reasons were the age gap between them and Alex’s popularity, although it didn’t make Jean change her mind. She put these thoughts aside in favor of the love of her life. “I kept thinking, he’s 24 years older than me […] but there was something that just kept drawing me to him”, Jean commented on the age-difference issue.

Alex Trebek is known to be a bit of a prankster. His proposal to Jean also proved this. The date he chose was her 26th birthday. At first, Alex gifted his beloved woman with black velvet pants and a matching jacket. Jean thought naively that it was the whole present, but just in a few moments, Alex bestowed a little box upon Jean where she found a 16-carat sapphire engagement ring covered in diamonds. What is more, Alex didn’t betray his peculiar way of communication when asked by the officiant if he would take Jean to be his wife. His response was quite his style, “The answer is… yes”.

Jean has confirmed that she gets on well with her mother-in-law, Lucille, with whom the newlyweds used to live together for some time after getting married. The relationship of these women remains strong until today.

However, marital status is not what makes this family so strong and inspiring to others. The couple has overcome a rough patch in their mutual life. 79-year-old Alex Trebek has faced major health issues several times in his life. On December 11, 2007, Alex had a heart attack, then a subdural hematoma in 2017, but the hardest strike was the diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer in spring 2019. His loving wife has always been by Alex’s side and spent much of her time and effort to help her husband return to a healthy life. Although it takes courage and patience to keep the ill spouse going, Jean is always watching the husband’s diet and mental state. It proves how lucky Alex is to have such a supporting wife.

In fact, Alex loves his wife so much, that he has stated publicly that he wished they could have met earlier in life so that they could have spent more time together. Isn’t that the sweetest thing to say?

The Perfect Family of Four

Jean and Alex Trebek have a happy family of four: they have a son, Matthew, born in 1990, and a daughter, Emily, born in 1993. Moreover, Jean is so proud of their children that she called Matthew and Emily “the best of Alex and I”, both of them being incredibly compassionate and sensitive people. “They’re really sharp, and have done their due diligence in their respective endeavors…”

Religion Plays a Huge Part in Jean’s Life

Jean Currivan Trebek

Jean Currivan Trebek takes her religious beliefs seriously. She is a devout Christian and a member-practitioner of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science. She has been involved in church life for ten years and has tried what is called ‘singing bowl meditation’.

Jean states that religion plays a crucial role in her daily life and helps her a lot during these tough times. For Jean, faith is a solid base to uplift her significant other and stay confident in the future. Keeping herself together also has some positive influence on her husband as he can admire his radiant wife and get inspired to go on fighting.

Getting back to sound healing, Jean aims to help people and treat them with her voice as she appears to be a very spiritual soul. Jean shares a genuine belief in the power of voice and its healing properties. The power of voice, she says, can be seen in action when a mother sings a lullaby to her child; how much energy this activity has, and what strong effect on a child it makes. Reiki is another technique that the celebrity is familiar with. It implies using your bare hands to transfer energy into the body.

Besides, Jean has co-founded a website called Insidewink that has a motto ‘share the good’. There, people seek psychological support and answers to a wide range of existential questions. It’s a wonderful platform for those who want to share positivity and find likeminded people.

It is clear that one of Jean’s goals in life is to share positive vibes, empower, and enlighten those in need, which is also a great incentive for her to improve.

It’s Hard to Believe that Jean is Not a Model or Actress

Now, she is 56 and has two children. Yet, Jean can boast of a well-balanced, fit body and compete with many young models! She is tall (5’7″) with elegant curves of her overall petite body. Jean’s weight is around 60 kg, which is the desired perfection that women of her age seem to seek desperately.
Speaking of Jean’s appearance, she has stunning hazel eyes and a pretty symmetrical face. Jean likes her brunette hair, long with some smooth waves. She is a natural beauty!

Does Jean Currivan Trebek Have an Account on Social Media?

Well, as we already know, Jean is quite reserved in terms of public appearance, including on social media. Thus, it is a challenging task to find any rumors or private photos of the celebrity. Jean prefers to keep her life to herself despite being one of the most influential and famous star wives of the United States.