Joe Lo Truglio is a Superb Creative and a Happy Family Man

Joe Lo Truglio or, as his parents called him, Joseph Vincent, is an established name in the film industry and in the world of comedy. Joe has always been busy creating skits and comedy sketches, while also getting bigger and bigger roles in movies and television shows. He got his international breakthrough by playing Charles Boyle in the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let’s see how Joe got here and what he has in store for us in the future.

Joe Lo Truglio

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Joe Lo Truglio ’ s Background

Joe Lo Truglio was born on December 2, 1970 in New York City. More specifically, he was born in Queens and raised in Margate, Florida. By now he lives, surprise surprise, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. His parents Helen and Joseph are from Irish and Italian descent. As a young child Joe was very creative and interested in a lot of different things. He was busy shooting horror movies on a Super 8 camera, he collected Mad magazines, he enjoyed fishing and he drew his own comic series. It was a foreshadowing of all the creativity that was to come later in his career and life.

In 1988 Joe graduated from Coconut Creek High School, where he was busy acting as well. He even won the Critic’s Choice award in his district, together with his classmate Russell Scherker, for reenacting the opening scene of the screwball comedy Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Joe Lo Truglio and The State

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Joe signed up for the New York University Film School, where he cofounded the sketch group The State. They created three seasons of televised comedy, and it was the first time Joe got some fame for his work. From 1995 on Joe started making guest appearances in various television shows, as well as television commercials and videogames. Hey, an actor has got to eat too. However, he never stopped drawing cartoons and animations for The State.

Joe’s Acting Career Takes Off

Joe’s acting style immediately drew a lot of attention. His sarcastic humor and dry deliveries increased the number of his admirers day by day. It comes as no surprise that a lot of his early roles were broadcast on Comedy Central, with Upright Citizen’s Brigade being the most notable. He reunited with a big chunk of The State’s cast in Wet Hot American Summer (2001), but the real deal was his part in Superbad (2007). The movie became an immense hit, and no we’re not saying this was because of Joe but we’re also not saying it was not because of Joe, and Joe Lo Truglio’s talent was finally there for all to see in his portrayal of “Francis the Driver”.

He went on to play all sort of roles in the comedy genre, in movies like Pineapple Express (2008), I Love You, Man (2009) and Paul (2010). He played alongside actors like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Jason Sudeikis. And to scratch his creative itch he produced the web series Horrible People, a soap opera parody. Another noteworthy performance you might not have known was by Joe Lo Truglio, is the drunken toy soldier in the animation monsterhit Wreck-It Ralph (2012). Yep, that’s Joe’s voice.

For Joe it’s all about making people crack up: ”What I found the most fun is just trying to get other people to crack up. That’s always something that will help a movie and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to work with some incredibly talented, collaborative comedy people in all of the stuff that I’ve been in. If you can get people laughing, cast or crew, you’re going to have a good end product.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

All of that was fun and Joe seemed to be achieving more every year of his career. But what seems to be his career-defining role had yet to come. Joe was cast as Charles Boyle in the New York police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013), with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

Joe Lo Truglio is an American comedian, actor, producer, and television writer. He is best known for his role as Charles Boyle on the sitcom ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. In 2013, he scored his highest profile television role yet as hapless New York police detective Charles Boyle in the said series, starring Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher and Terry Crews. He’s one of the most loved characters on the show and he went on to direct an episode as well (The Bimbo, season 6, episode 13).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems to be the highlight of Joe’s career so far, and he enjoys every bit of it. He especially likes the freedom that being part of such a successful television show brings, as he’s still able to work on smaller, indie films as well.

Joe Lo Truglio’s Net Worth

Joe’s net worth is estimated around $5 million. Joe has worked on his acting and directing career all of his life, and his profession is one of the most well-paid in the world. It’s only natural you make a few bucks when you’re good at what you do in this line of work. Chapeau to Joe.

Joe Lo Truglio’s Relationships & Family

Joe Lo Truglio and Beth Dover wedding

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Joe got married to Beth Dover on April 19, 2014, while previously engaged. They even starred together in one special episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Beth is an actress herself, most famously known for her portrayal of Linda Ferguson in Orange Is The New Black.

Joe and Beth became parents of their son Eli in 2016. And you didn’t hear it from us, but Joe is supposed to be quite the animal lover! He owns two dogs, four cats, an iguana, a leopard and a small rat named Jerry. How’s that for a little zoo?! It seems the Lo Truglio household is a very cozy and happy place to be. Except for the leopard maybe, but who knows…

Joe Lo Truglio with his wife Beth and their son Eli

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Joe Lo Truglio on Social Media

Joe is on Instagram as @joelotruglio and has over 1,3 million followers. He mainly posts about his daily routines and his career. He’s also created an account for Outpost (2022), a horror movie which he is directing: @outpost_the_film. On Twitter Joe goes by @JoeLoTruglio and over 370K people are trying to keep up. Joe is more politically active on Twitter than on Instagram, with a lot of his posts going about human rights.