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How To Become A Master Jewelry Designer?


Sheryl Berkoff is a former make-up artist who has done make-up magic to Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Spacey, Rob Lowe (her husband) and other Hollywood stars. Sheryl was born on 20-6-1961 in South Carolina. She has Caucasian roots, but officially she is American. She is a Gemini and married to a Pisces. Besides, her family (her husband and she) have $60 million at their disposal. Not too shabby.

Sheryl’s Contributions To The Most Popular Hollywood Movies Of The 1980s & 1990s

Sheryl always had an artistic taste. During her childhood in South Carolina, she couldn’t even imagine that one day she would be making a skin tone to Al Pacino or choosing the lipstick color for Michelle Pfeiffer. After graduating from an art school, she tried making jewelry. It was here that the seed for her very own jewelry business was planted.

Although Sheryl is a businesswoman, housewife and loving wife nowadays, she once was one of the leading make-up artists on the set of “Bad Influence”, “Frankie and Johnny”, “Glengarry Glen Ross”, “Eve of Destruction”, and others. Her career in makeup didn’t last. She worked as a make-up artist from 1989 to 1992. However, according to everyone she worked with, she was so hard-working and cooperative. The cast and directors of the movies still remember her genius and wish she found a way to combine raising children and working on the set.

How to Make Your Husband Stop Cheating and Drinking

The year 1990 changed Sheryl’s life once and for all. It was then when she started dating her only love – Rob. Rob Lowe was one of the leading actors in “Bad Influence”, and Berkoff was doing his make-up at the time. The love story of this couple is unbelievable. Everyone believes that it was fate for them to date, get married and give birth to two sons. Everything started ten years before they began seeing each other…

In the 1980s, Sheryl was in a relationship with Rob’s best friend Emilio Estevez. Years later, they laughed at this situation because everything turned upside-down. And now Sheryl is with Rob, which probably seems ironic to Emilio. We just hope Emilio can see the humor and beauty of it all.

They were friends at that time. Rob was young, he loved girls and alcohol. He didn’t understand how people live with one another for decades and never want to have sex with someone else. That is why he didn’t think about ever marrying someone, especially Sheryl, who was his friend’s girlfriend.

A few years later, the two met again via an online blind-date website. Imagine their shock when they came to see their anonymous friends and saw each other! They had some good laughs and still remember it as a funny story. It was the second sign of destiny, but they still didn’t get it.

When destiny was furious that these two were too dumb to fall in love with each other, she made them meet again. From then on, they’ve never separated. Sheryl and Rob are now loving parents to their sons who take so much after them.

Yet their relationship was far from ideal. As mentioned before, Rob was a heavy drinker. He still slept with other girls, but he realised how much he hurt his loved one. So he pulled himself together, and with the huge help of his wife, substituted drinking with sport and girls with his significant other. That’s how you fight together for real love.

Have Sheryl and Rob Gone to Therapy Recently?

The marriage advice from a couple like Sheryl and Rob is probably what most people need. They seem to have come through so many obstacles and learn important things. These two are well aware of cheating, alcohol addiction, fights, and insults.

They admit that they once went to a therapist to handle this stuff. This is what they think of therapy: “The one thing, though, that has been a part of our family is the notion of therapy as a sort of proactive, non-shaming [practice], like a trainer. We think of going to therapy or talking to a therapist… it’s literally no different from a chiropractor”.

That is why the couple is happy together despite everything that happened. The secret is being ready to solve problems and never run away from them. Another piece of advice for future families from Sheryl and Rob: “It really is all about who you pick. It there’s any way to marry your best friend, do it”. This is why they will continue to celebrate their anniversaries together, they communicate very well with each other.

What’s It Like Doing Business with Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow?

These powerful women, along with Maria Shiver and Gwen Stefani, are ambassadors of Sheryl Lowe Jewelry, the jewelry brand of Sheryl Berkoff. She has a fancy online store which is exquisite in terms of design and very easy-to-navigate.

The story of her business started in 2006, when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife (now ex-wife), Maria Shriver, asked Sheryl to contribute some of her stuff or other things to a women’s conference where, among others, the Dalai Lama would speak. In other words: a lot of people would see the things Sheryl had to offer.

Sheryl decided to make something herself and brought 55 necklaces inspired by the goddess of wisdom, Minerva. When people saw those beauties, Sheryl got 500 orders in a day! And she wasn’t even a designer yet. She even used a dining table as a workplace, which can be seen as the first step in growing to a multi-million dollar company.

In the fall of 2018, a daughter of Shiver and Schwarzenegger, Katherine, became the face of Lowe’s brand. Sarah Jessica Parker has been spotted wearing Sheryl’s jewelry as well. Since her women’s line was (and still is) such a success, Sheryl has also opened a men’s jewelry line called Mr. Lowe, the ambassadors of which are her husband and two sons.

Sheryl donates money from the sales of her jewelry to the Susan G. Komen Foundation that fights breast cancer all around the world. So next to being a successful businesswoman she’s a philanthropist as well?!

Her childhood dream of being an artist has come true with her own jewelry brand. The prices for her shiny pieces vary from hundred to thousands of dollars. In other words, everyone can find something they like and afford at her brand. Next to being a jewelry prodigy, Sheryl is active in real-estate and she obviously owns her own makeup line. She was a professional makeup artist after all, what did you expect?

How To Reach Out To Sheryl Berkoff?


Sheryl is a private and old-fashioned person in terms of social networks. That is why one of her most popular social media is the Instagram of her jewelry store called @sheryllowejewelry. Besides, you can find photos of her on her husband’s Instagram @roblowe.