Which Celebrity Is Most Likely to Be the First Abducted by Aliens? The Strangest Bets to Place in 2023

woman wearing an alien mask taking a selfie in the mirror
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Numerous betting opportunities are available in the gambling sector. While most people picture more common wagers like those on sports or casino games, some very peculiar wagers go against the grain. The most outlandish wagers in the year 2023 are discussed in this post. 

These wagers, ranging from cheese rolling to the possibility of celebrities being abducted by aliens, challenge conventional wisdom. If you’re searching for excitement and a chance to cash in large, keep reading to learn about some of the year’s most out-there wagers.

Cheese Rolling

The British have their brand of humor, which manifests itself in several peculiar cultural practices. Despite this, there is one happening that has caught the attention of people worldwide. Cheese rolling is one of the most bizarre phenomena and wagerable events, and the fact that it takes place just once a year adds to the spectacle.

Hundreds of people flock to Cooper’s slope in Gloucestershire every May to fling themselves down a steep slope in search of a Double Gloucester cheese. Cheese weighing 7 and 9 pounds can travel more than 60 miles per hour. Hundreds of people are hurt yearly after tripping and falling during the pursuit.

And knowing this, it is obvious that a combination of research, racing history, and change is required to win that bet, but the event is still entertaining.

Betting On Which Celebrity Is Most Likely to Be the First Abducted by Aliens? 

Many questions whether UFOs exist; if they do, whose renowned life would be cut short first? The bookies are all wondering the same thing. Bets on which celebrity would be the first to be abducted by aliens can be placed at online casinos. 

But this isn’t any old star. The gambling website has supplied a list of over 40 famous people, including athletes and politicians, and it’s safe to say that Elon Musk is the clear favorite. The Tesla and SpaceX billionaire is the favorite with 14/1 odds. That’s because gamblers think extraterrestrials covet economic and political power.

The Ferret Bingo

Want to take a weird chance? According to The Sports Geek, one of the most out-there wagers you can make is on the ferret bingo game. In this game, players wager on the final location of a group of ferrets released into a maze. This form of gambling quickly replaces traditional weekend pastimes like cornhole and frisbee golf.

Eukonkanto: Wife Carrying

Participating in this sport with a friend or partner is the best way to laugh while testing your luck. Despite the moniker, there have been instances of husbands being borne by their wives. Every year in July, everything culminates in Finland. 

The winner must run 253.5 meters while carrying his wife over dry and wet obstacles. And the winner will receive an appropriate amount of beer (measured in liters) and a phone for the occasion.

Bog Snorkelling

Bog snorkelling is an unusual sport that has many people scratching their heads. However, there is a World Bog Snorkelling Championship when swimmers from all over the world compete to see who can swim the farthest distance in foul-smelling water.

The Welsh city of Llanwrttyd Wells hosts this annual festival. One year Ben & Jerry’s served as the event’s official sponsor. It’s intriguing to ponder what bog-flavored Ben & Jerry’s ice cream may taste like.

Try These Strange Yet Fun Ideas For Betting!

Gambling is an industry that has evolved with the modern world. The most outlandish wagers of 2023 attest to the human thirst for adventure and exploration. These wagers allow you to ditch the norm and embrace the weird, whether you’re a seasoned gambler looking to broaden your horizons or a thrill seeker searching for something out of the ordinary.