Why Kylie Jenner should try to learn something from Cristiano Ronaldo

For Generation Z kids (but even younger ones), celebrities’ social profiles are a constant source of inspiration, especially when it comes to clothing and lifestyles. Probably the very young frequenters of social media such as Instagram or TikTok will not be able to afford a standard of living similar to that of their darlings, but through careful
observation of their social media profiles they will be able to become familiar with their way of dressing, their personalities and habits, gradually learning all those subtleties that shape the life of every superstar. 

The simplest, in a sense, is the one related to clothing. Even if these are not overtly commercial posts, the public can still draw inspiration from any content posted by a superstar, even a simple photo on a boat, in an airplane, or in a shopping mall, since any content posted on these profiles will inevitably have that celebrity’s personality and his or her way of approaching life, including from the perspective of clothing, at its center. 

Celebrities therefore have a distinct, even fundamental responsibility. They will not only have to take care of their profiles as a matter of reputation, or to distinguish themselves in some way from their competitors, but also to educate their followers about a certain aesthetic idea that sets them apart, and which in all likelihood has contributed greatly to turning them into true global superstars. 

Celebrity accounts 

Nowadays, however, there are very few celebrities who manage to fully immerse themselves in this strategic approach to social media management, and even fewer are those who curate their profiles impeccably. It is really surprising that the most disappointing profiles, from this point of view, are precisely those of celebrities who belong to Generation Z, and who theoretically should set an example not only for their followers, but also for their older colleagues, who for age reasons have been placed in completely different categories (such as the so-called “boomers”). 

Taking a look at the profiles of two young celebrities who belong to Generation Z, such as Kylie Jenner or Billie Eilish, one will surely notice that the content is posted rather casually, and that the only common thread is the omnipresence of the celebrity. From this point of view, Generation Z celebrities would certainly have something to learn from the social profiles of older personalities, but who at least manage to communicate in an orderly and coherent manner, while also expressing a certain taste for aesthetics. 

One of them undoubtedly belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, the sports athlete with the most followers in the world, whose content is always marked by a certain rationality and a veiled love of order, which can certainly be a source of inspiration for followers, sports fans, but also for brands and those who manage social media for professional matters. At stake are not only the effects on the public, on followers, but also the online reputation of the celebrity in question.

A source of inspiration 

The negative impression one experiences when visiting an obviously haphazardly managed social profile, with low-quality photos that are completely lacking in consistency, certainly also reverberates on the mental image of its owner, i.e., the celebrity in question. 

Indeed, social media does not only affect the reputation of brands or large multinational companies, but also that of celebrities and celebrities, who should learn to communicate like real brands (also considering themselves as real brands). And to boost one’s online reputation, the only viable method is the one that leads to the creation of useful and entertaining content, capable of inspiring followers and putting a smile on their faces. 

One industry that has always managed to inspire its audiences, online and offline, is definitely the gambling industry, which over the past few years has completed the transition between the physical and virtual worlds in an extremely nonchalant manner. 

Through their powerful online portals, these brands continue to this day to entertain and inspire a surprising number of people, offering them the best gaming experiences and the best online casinos with real money. The goal, for years, has been to offer an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond mere gaming and emotionally engages the player from start to finish. The wide choice of games offered by the site, moreover, will allow everyone to easily find the game that best suits their tastes, thanks in part to excellent fluidity of navigation in all sections of the site. 

True perfection, on social media, is achieved when you will be able to inspire others without even realizing it, spontaneously, as if it were an innate function.